No Consequence for Losing Races

I’ve seen a video of how a youtuber claimed that when you lose a race you still earn credits and xp no matter what position you’re in, and you can still advance to the next round of whatever series and complete the championship. Where’s the challenge in that?

Do you not own or play the game
It was the same in fh3 as well


Better finish, better payout and influence


Finnish first and finnish last gives you almost a same payout. I guess PG is want to make game that way so even noobs who dont have never play car games can progress thruw career so they dont need feel bad when they dont win races. That feel really stupid in that point when start of road racing series 3? that girl say “we want to find who is best driver here in horizon so i take best drivers in each rounds and elimate the rest” and still you progress thruw to next round even when you finnish every race at last.


Are you mad because you can’t point at your profile and tell people, “I’m better than you”?

No, because that dont tell nothing because everybody can adjust difficulty so they can win every race. I just dont getting that concept if “racing” game it’s have zero matter what place you finnish races, it’s just bad game design.

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Maybe it was designed to be fun. I mean, you’re entitled to your opinion, but for me, the personal satisfaction from beating Expert drivers or racing without a lot of assists is what motivates me. What other people get or don’t get is irrelevant to me… but, I don’t play multiplayer (except for co-op stuff) so maybe I have a different viewpoint.


Forza games use to be games where everyone could play way they like. Sure this current career system may fit well some peoples like those who play they first ever forza game ever. But for me personaly driving against ai is allready really boring and when there pretty mutch no reward to winning and no consequnce to losing it’s come even more boring. Like those seasonal championships are mutch more fun because have some kinda goal.

Lets remove the walls, or change those walls stone walls that really kills all the speed that way you cant go tight corners at 350km/h and use wallriding to get thruw corner. That would in my opinion to teach peoples that clean driving is best way to race.

if your all about the rewards not much challenge really, as last place reward is pretty close to a podium finish, the challenge is to get first place

If you prefer to keep restarting until you get first, you’re more than welcome to. Aside from that, you’re free to create your own challenge. Racing in S2/X is very challenging regardless.

Here’s a link to the source if you don’t believe me. The issue stems from 0:58 in the video.

If it’s a Championship in this game, isn’t actually winning against particular difficulty AI required to get the special reward? In which case it actually does matter.

The real problem of this game design is that it doesnt educate the player base do Drive and race properly … first u start in quite power full car (yep for a noob that mostly cant handle a car in GTA an A class can be tough to handle)

Then its doenst force noob to progress and get better … and there is no point to this type of thing when there is this much difficulties in the game

Being forced to win against AI is more likely to teach the aggressive driving behaviour some people complain about. You get pushed to the do-anything-to-win point when winning is made a necessity.


So much this. I think it’s much more important to teach people that losing is okay.


I am ok to be the first or second one to lose against strong and real driver.
Not ok to lose against people who bumped me out of track to miss the checkpoints.
The AI sometimes know to block you, anyone notice that? Will they ram you out somedays later?

I have been pushed into barriers or made to miss checkpoints by the AI.

You gain less XP (or Influence as it is now called) if you don’t come first.

I’m playing on Unbeatable AI in this game, I’d never done that before. The system is a win for me personally.

Depends if you need the game to tell you what is and isn’t a challenge. If you rely on the credit payouts to decide if you’ve done well, maybe it’s a problem. But I’d say that most people are capable of working out for themselves that finishing fifth isn’t as good as finishing first. And if you want to improve your position, you’ll race until you get first, whether the credits make a big difference or not.