Nissan Tsuru 1992 - 2017

Nissan Tsuru


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  • Forza Horizon
  • Forza Motorsport
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I’m doing this just for you Max


The Tsuru (or Nissan Sentra GSR 2000) is one of the vehicles that Mexican people love, I really feel that we need cars that are common in Mexico, as well as Australia with its Holden or HSV cars, in the United Kingdom with Triumph, Austin, Morris, etc. Why not have cars that are common in Mexico?


It was supposed to be added in the first place along with the VW Beetle, but glad you guys are taking it into consideration.
Would be cool if you guys ask this question on all social media, not everyone sees this forum btw.


Hope to see it soon in-game :+1:t2:


eta chevrolet aveo, spark, these have already been in forza games like motorsport 3 and 4 respectively


[ENG] Yes, although in the ‘Car Voting’ section you can create or search for the Chevrolet Spark or Aveo post. I even want the SS back

[ESP] Si, aunque en la seccion ‘Car Voting’ puedes crear o buscar el post del Chevrolet Spark o Aveo. Incluso quiero que vuelva el SS


The nissan tsuru of 1994-2017 plssssss


This car (Nissan Sentra/Tsuru B13) has to be in the game, well… it should have been since the beginning!


Jajajaja ese auto es basura jajaja

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Would love to see this car in game


[ENG]: It’s a great brilliant idea, especially we know that the Tsuru has a tremendous variety of cosmetic customization on the outside, be it front bumpers, rear bumpers and skirts, very radical Body Kits from the 2000s, large spoilers, etc. Search the internet as: “Nissan Tsuru Body Kit” or “Tsuru Tuneado” to have very clear points and at the same time have the car with the wide variety of cosmetic customization in Forza history, that would give a tremendous plus to the game and I wouldn’t mind if they include it as a new starting 4th car in the game.

[ESP]: Es una gran brillante idea, sobre todo sabemos que el Tsuru tiene una tremenda variedad de personalización cosméticas en el exterior, ya sean parachoque delanteros, trasero y faldones, Body Kits muy radicales de los 2000s, alerones grandes, etc. Busquen en el Internet como: “Nissan Tsuru Body Kit” o “Tsuru Tuneado” para tener puntos muy claros y al mismo tiempo tener el auto con la gran variedad de personalización cosméticas de la historia de Forza, eso le daría un tremendo plus al juego y no me molestaría si lo incluyen como un nuevo 4th auto inicial del juego.


Exactly this. I entirely concur.


I think that Forza’s team can added the Tsuru GSR 2000 like a best version than tsuru base. The GSR has a four cilinder that bring 140 hp and his principal rival were golf gti, car we have on the game.



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YEESSS, Absolutely!, I think that this is a very cool part of the game, the cars from certain markets that aren’t very known.
I’m a lover of the Mexican Superbees, consider Adding some of them, I personally own the 80’ model, but there are still A LOT of cars from Mexico that would be fit great in the game!
Thanks for reading me!

We also need that maxima that was used in that maxima vs porsche clip of legend


Yeeees please, put the Sentra B13 with all types of body’s, Gts1, Gts2 and the American SE-R

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Without the Tsuru, Forza Horizon 5 is incomplete regardless of the new cars coming in every Series. I hope the devs listen to us


Personally, for the sake of future-proofing it, adding it as the Sentra SE-R might be a compromise.

But then again, it is a highly requested car because it is the Nissan Tsuru, so…

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