Next circuit in december

In our opinion, what will be the next circuit after Yas Marinas? I’ll see Raod Atlanta or Paul Ricard

I don’t think there will be a full new track every month, if they add anything in december, i would expect missing layouts rather than a full track


I say Mount Panorama

Real photo


Since they didn’t announce a particular track for December, I expect a fictional track, new or returning from previous FM.


Yuck… Look at that texture detail. Look at that patchy grass. Who ever designed the graphics in that shot needs to be repremanded. That doesn’t look exciting or has me even wanting to race that track. Eww!!!


Reality isn’t as colorful as what you have in video games

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Jajajaja ironic I suppose

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Bugatti is the first layout that comes to mind.


That would be at the top of my list as well, another one i expect to show up soon is suzuka west. Of course there are also multiple VIR layouts missing, and we all know how much T10 loves VIR :laughing:

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Does anyone have a date for Yas Marina release? I’ll be happy with any track at this point tbh.

Patch 2.0 whenever that is in mid November. Forza Monthly tomorrow should give us some answers hopefully


If they stick with their Thursday schedule, it should be released on 16.

Maybe the connection between Maple Valley and Grand Oak.
In Rivals description Grand Oak is described as a part of Maple Valley Raceway.

It’s the sister track right?

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We already have Yas Marina, why Paul Ricard?

Next Track probably a paid DLC.

Make some money before the whole thing crashes.

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They are not going to get any money out of me for tracks.
We got ripped on this release of a game, I am not going to support this business behaviour with my money.

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They’ve said that all added tracks will be free.

Yes, but they have said a lot of things that hasn’t actually been delivered on or are just plain lies.
Just saying, not worth getting into a back and forth about it. Good for you if you believe them.

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Not forever, they said initially it will be free to keep the tracks usable in Multiplayer.