Update 12.0

Hello to all drivers! Share your wishlist & predictions about update 12.0 and vote for the poll. See you at the starting line !

Predictions for update 12.0
  • New race track
  • New (layout / layouts) for current race tracks
  • New cars
  • New features (comment down below)
  • QoL improvements
  • Bug fixes (comment down below)
  • New car divisions
  • New game modes
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Update 11 will have a new track, so Update 12 will very likely not have one.


Bro but why is this update 12.0? Where is 11.0 topic?


What compelled you to make a thread before 10 is even fully released


I wanted a thread too. :smiling_face_with_tear:

My friend, you might want to ask yourself why that’s important to you lol

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We gonna get GTA6 before a new racetrack

Update 13 will be released on a Friday and every PC and console will melt when they try to run it! Have fun!


The next new/recycled track will be released with Update 11 and 12 won’t contain a track. Why create a thread for it already that is such nonsense?


Well, maybe it’ll come; but you’re right.

All I want is to ai and frr to be fixed, that’s all, I can live w/o another recycled car or track.