Newest FM Drivatar/AI intelligence/difficulty FIX!

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There is no way anyone can drive this well!
I have never had an issue playing on unbeatable on any Forza game ever made (Horizon 5 included), but now on the newest Forza Motorsport difficulty is so unimaginably difficult I have to stay in level 6 when there’s two steps above that, not to mention that you can also put yourself in last place on the starting grid. how in the actual anything are you supposed to be able to beat the AI that is more difficult than any other Forza before.

|This is the newest Forza Motorsport AI that we have to deal with currently|

The AI is the worst AI I have ever had the pleasure of racing against. If you dare to put yourself in 24th position at the beginning of the race on any difficulty, no matter what, you’ll have a heck of a time getting through the AI. I am currently using level six difficulty with race rules meaning all damage on and fuel without rewind. It is the most difficult thing but I have tried my best, without rewind to get from the back all the way to the front, I have tried over and over and over. I lost count after 30 times I have restarted the race because of how dumb the AI is. The AI literally drives on a set line made by the developers and will not deviate from that line. AI do not care if you’re next to them, AI do not care if you’re behind them, and AI do not care if you’re in front of them. You will be bumped into for no reason also pit maneuvered out of nowhere or get hit on the side so hard it throughs you right off the track, you can be brake-checked out of nowhere on the worst corner you could possibly break on like a straightaway that needs no breaking (talking about but not limited to Maple Valley) and if you happen to be in their way, they will not slow down for anything. If you’re on a track like Maple Valley, and it doesn’t matter if you’re on difficulty five or higher and you’re starting anywhere from the back or middle you will never reach the front because the AI is so dumb they break everywhere, AI run into everyone and if you’re inside the AI’s line, they will mow you down. You will get third or fourth at best so I don’t understand why the AI are so garbage in this newest game when we have other games like Gran Turismo 7 that have AI that actually have intelligence!

P.S. You know what this AI reminds me of? Oh yeah, Forza Horizon 5!!! FIX IT!!!

I swear they just imported the AI from Horizon. AI drivers regularly slam into me for no reason, even when I’m passing on a straight. For as AI has never been very good imo