New to the Horizon Series

Hello I am both new to this forum and new to the horizon series. I have not played a racing game since need for speed underground (dont judge). For some reason Horizon 2 has really drawn me back in to the racing series. I just have a question before I buy the game

-Do you only get one car at a time? like i start off with a car and as i gain money or points i can buy newer nicer ones? or do i just get a different car for each race?

how does that work

that is all

You can of course only drive one car at a time but you are not ever stuck using a car you do not want once you have gotten past the start and can afford your first car. You can buy all the cars you want and have credits earned in game to purchase them. You can win cars via wheelspins each time you level up. You can use the cars provided for Bucket List challenges without having to provide your own. Online, you can even rent cars if you need something you don’t already own.

awesome! thanks for the reply i cant wait to play it