New Porsche price is just ridiculous

Change this ridiculous price please…

How much is the cadillac?

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Oh It’s 357K. Cadilllac is 357K. And look at Porsche’s price…

I’m sitting on 10.2 million with every car in my garage. I’d send you some cash if I could. Fastest way to build your cash and actually enjoy the game is to create a race template(free play) and drive it. The tracks will rotate randomly from your initial selection. Since you’re low on cash, use a car that you can max out with minimal CP, so you don’t burn much to max out. 16-20k per 8-9 min drive should get you there soon enough.


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Hold up…the car and suit were free for me. Was it because I paid for the car pack up front?

Don’t worry in a few weeks it’ll be 5$ usd :rofl:


It’s a DLC car, you have to install the car pack (it’s free for the first week. FOMO DLC yayy) to get the car.

The OP already owns the car

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Turn 10 is probably testing DLC delivery with the Porsche being free. Once they decide to offer more paid DLC, they know it can get to the customers without issue.

Not defending the eventual price of the Porsche, but it does include a race suit. But that still doesn’t warrant an extra $2 USD over other standalone cars. The2019 Senna GTR was $2.99 and this car will be $4.99. $4.99 is also the same price for the Forza Motorsport Welcome pack. The welcome pack is the DLC pack with the Supra, Vette Sting Ray, M4 coupe, VW Golf R and the Porsche 911 Carrera. While in reality all five of those cars don’t add up to the cost of the Porsche 963, this is only for an in-game car and racing suit. Kind of steep IMO.


I thought this topic was going to be about how expensive one vehicle is going to be for those that didn’t get it for free.

If each dlc car is going to cost 7 or 8 bucks, 15 or 16 cars in and you will have paid more for a bunch of cars than the game itself

Probably preying on the vulnerable on gamepass that will run and use dads cc

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50 cents or less for cars is as high as I’ll go. 5$ is insane.

Free is a very good price. And the only price I’ll evey pay for a dlc car. If they keep dropping them as FOMO cars I’ll grab them if I can. Otherwise, oh well. I’m not one of the completionist players that have to have every car.


They already have 30 DLC cars. They don’t need testing.

@AdmPatate , those are from the car packs! Big big difference. BIG DIFFERENCE!

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Should be more expensive than Cadilllacs

But they’re sold separately, and even for pass holders it’s actually how you get the cars: the pass gives you ownership of the individual DLC, and the DLC gives you the car. It just works™.

There weird thing is , how can you be level 816 and have only 1.2 Mil?? :rofl:


Foreign currency exchange rate? Idonno? Justa guess. And anyway 218,000cr why would anyone complain? I’d buy the car at that price even if I only had 1.2mil in credits.

Buying cars and bypassing “Level, Build, Dominate”.

Not Paying for V.I.P. and sticking to single player, might also be a factor.

I’m primairly a single player gamer and, I’m only level 1,660 (Verified at time of correction) and I have a paltry 9.2 million Cr. Someone who has popular tunes, designs, or someone who primarily plays multiplayer will have much more Credits than what I got at this point. And I bought V.I.P.
Credits are dependant on what you do, in this game.

Its not lost on me that I’m sitting on nearly 10 million credits. I also have a lot of cars that haven’t been touched, and would require parts if I were to use them. That would probably cut my credits by half.

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I know price is rly low, but isn’t it good? U can buy any car u want w/o grinding.