New Logitech G920 wheel incompatible?

Sorry, this may be a silly question, but I’m unable to reverse unless I switch to manual w/clutch in the difficulty settings. Can anyone help?

No idea tbh.
BUT offtopic
why did they release it so early? literally last week i wanted to order and it said coming in october, so i thought it’s a big wait and ordered thrustmaster tx, which isnt g27 with new soft ofcourse, but much more expensive in terms of package ;(
My standard TX is arriving tomorrow, and it’s too late to cancel, for the same money +£30 i could of gotten a G920 with manual and clutch -______________-
now in order to upgrade TX to clutch manual i’d need £200 more on top of standard wheel price
Rant is over.

Thanks for the reply. I live in Australia, and Logitech products rarely have a strict release schedule. Not to make you feel any worse, but I was able to get a $200 discount due to a friend of a friend working in the store.

My racing rig set up, with the G920

Looking good!
The only thing that kept me from pre-ordering it is the fact that I used to own a g27, and re-paying £300 again for button relocation and a firmware update was a pain in the very rational and money saving self.
Anyways i hope you solve your issue, have fun driving!

What is your setup in forza 6?

For those that are interested, the G920 works with Forza 6 perfectly.

I purchased the G920 in December and am happy with the feel and build quality, however I have one issue with Forza 6 with deadzones re-setting after switching to the Xbox dashboard and back into the game, the brake deadzone settings revert to what I assume is default 0/95. I found a video of this being demonstrated here

I have since modified my G920 pedals after watching a video guide by the same person, I hope the video below helps someone using the G920 pedals with Forza 6 (and other games).

After watching the following video, the brake pedal has 100% travel, the deceleration deadzones will need to be tweaked afterwards to suit you, see the G920 brake pedal modification guide here

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Did you have to do anything special to get your G920 to work, tomski? I got mine today, and was hoping to use it for a few rounds in (non-demo) Forza 6. While it registers just fine on my pc, and does the calibration and lights up on the Xbox One, I’m unable to use it with the Xbox One. With my G29 I had to move the switch on top of the wheel hub to switch between pc, ps4, ps3, but I haven’t found anything like that on the G920.

Was it just plug-and-play with yours? It’s strange, since it works on the pc. And I haven’t been able to find any documentation or other info about it online…

Apologies for the delayed response. Mine just worked. Took me a while to realise that I needed to plug in the power adaptor (face palm!) but all good in the end. I created a video of me using the wheel with Forza 6 -

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I heard back from my pr contact at Logitech, and apparently this is a known problem with some G920 wheels. Most work just fine, but some only work on pc. They’re working on it, whatever that means. I hope it’s as easy as upgrading the firmware via pc, so I don’t have to send it in and wait for a new one.

It was an even easier solution. Yay.

  1. Disconnect the G920’s USB cable from the Xbox One.
  2. Press and hold the following three buttons simultaneously:
    LSB button
    View button
    Xbox button
  3. While continuing to hold the three buttons, connect the G920’s USB cable to the Xbox One.
  4. Release all three buttons when the G920 wheel begins calibration.
  5. Test the Directional pad (D-pad) on your G920 in the Xbox One home screen to navigate the menu items. This will confirm that the G920 is now responding properly.

If that doesn’t work (like mine didn’t) try plugging in the wheel without the pedals connected and without the power connected.
If it works connect the power and then connect the pedals

How I set up my g920 on forza I can control the car


I just left a comment on your Youtube video of your G920 racing setup about how to get into reverse. If you are driving in FH2 or FM6 with the G920 wheel and you are using automatic shifting, you can access reverse by pressing the brake pedal and holding it down. The car will automatically shift into reverse. The harder you press the brake pedal, the faster the car will go in reverse. For example, if accidentally spin-out and find yourself nose-first into a wall, press the brake pedal down and hold it. The reverse lights will come on and the car will start backing away from the wall. This works in both FM6 as well as FH2 when you are using automatic shifting. Love your stand for the G920, I think I may need to build something similar.

ive finally got my g920 working properly/better on fh2…
i had to alter a few settings in the advanced controller setting,

Brake in 0 brake out 70 (i dont need to jump on the brake to stop but still feels realish)

force feedback i set to max

wheel rotation i set to 270 (scale goes from 270 to 900) the wheel now moves the same as in cockpit view

Also had to change swap clutch/e brake in normal settings. (actually shows wrong on diagram but is right when playing)

i hope that all makes some sense lol
oh and i bought a stand for mine, Regions - WheelStandPro

I just purchased the G920 steering wheel for use with Horizon 3 on Xbox one. Does anyone know how to get the car to go into reverse? Tried holding down the brake like the previous suggestion but does not work. Also, tried to download the logitech software but I think its for PC based setup. Please help with it frustration.!