NEW Forza 6 Gameplay Footage: Racing Spa-Francorchamps At Night [UPDATE: Second Bonus Video added!]

Despite the fact that our full review is still embargo’d until next week, we have permission from Microsoft to show off a bit of the game today! We wanted to start with something that we don’t think may people have seen yet: Spa-Francorchamps at night! Come with us on a few (dark) laps around Spa in a 2013 Audi R8 V10.

Video here: Forza Motorsport 6: Racing Spa-Francorchamps At Night - YouTube

As mentioned, our review does not release until next week but we are still working on it. If you want to make a suggestion as to what you think we should cover in the review visit the “MotorworldHype Forza 6 Review Suggestion Box” thread at the link below.

Thanks everyone!

EDIT: BONUS VIDEO! What happens when you do a night race in a car with no headlights on a track with no spot lights? Wackiness!! We tried it!

Watch here: Forza 6: Night Racing With No Headlights! - YouTube

BONUS VIDEO #2: We tried it again but this time we turned off the line and the track map!

Watch here: Forza Motorsport 6: Night Racing With No Headlights Part 2: No Line Or Map! - YouTube

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Nice one looking forward to night racing in the gt3 cars :slight_smile:

Good idea! We might try that next!

It does look beautiful

The last video of the Indy car was something.

Seems the tracks are properly dark.

Great to see some night time footage of a track that’s not lit. Happy to see there’s not loads of ambient light and it’s actually dark! Pits looked busy too. Nice detail, didn’t notice that in the demo.

That looks awesome and scary at the same

Can only imagine what the nurburgring would look like with no headlights

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The Indycar at Spa video does a great job of showing how dark night truly is, they weren’t kidding when they said it wasn’t just going to look like a dark day. Can only imagine how terrifying the Nordschleife at night would be, with or without headlights.

Still curious as to whether the 2015 Indycars have the oval aero options in the upgrades menu like the 2013 cars did in Forza 5, perhaps you can confirm Mr. Hype?

It was even scarier and more awesome than it looked. I highly recommend trying it out once you get the full version of the game!

We THINK that type of info is still under embargo. We aren’t sure but when it comes to legal stuff like that we like to stay cautious. So for now we can’t confirm or deny that. However, ask us again after our review comes out and we’ll let you know.

Looks awesome those videos, my only gripe is with the video with no lights, I noticed that the rear lights on the other cars are pretty dim unfortunately.

As dim as they are, if we turned the racing line off they would probably be our only salvation! In fact we are considering trying it out just to see what its like.

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That would be good to see, cheers man.

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Any word of the headlights breaking in a crash, thus causing you to lose them in a night race?

Yes they do

Without the racing line and without the track map… yeah, that’s suicide, haha.

Hmm…we’ll have to see if we could turn the track map off!

Don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to.

You’ve been able to turn off the entire hud in all the other games.

The ring at night with nothing but the green glow from my miatas dash is one of the things I’m looking forward to.