Forza 6 feedback for dev's

hi my name is mark - gt markjamesoo7.

i am a regular player on forza motorsport and i have been playing the new and great league play in ghosts league. but last night the x ghost league started and we done several races and they were as expect absolutly awesome lol , but then we did a night race on spa and nobody could see a thing all the lobby quit instantly and race was abandoned. if u guys could look into this and maybe remove night races for x class or maybe mod x class cars which do not have head lights. ths was just my personal experiance i guess we could run other cars with headlights but it is supposed to be indy car or f1.
ty hope u guys can fix this or not ty for ur time.

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Could’ve been an easy win if you had the full driving line on.

Since everyone else would have quit out, he would get basically nothing for the win. 100 points maybe.

There’s a couple of prototype cars which can be made X class that have headlights. I far prefer headlights over just full line in the dark. Even if the car is a bit slower.

ouch… reminds me of a 24 hrs race (real time) on GT 4,after 6 hours it became dark and i was sitting in a formula car without lights and a driving line :smiley:

Umm… GT4 did not have dynamic time of day so the 24 hour races were always daytime.

You must be thinking about GT5 which did cycle through day/night/day during the race.

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All they need to do is make it so that the night time races only take place on track that are fully lit

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