New competition

It appears we are getting a new competition.

I’m guessing it’s going to be either about who’s got the shiniest bumpers or jumping with our cars honking at unicorns while collecting rainbow mist.

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My guess is either ranked team and solo for every Open activities or/and Eliminator co-op!

Where did they say this? I’ve heard it as a rumour before.

It’s in the Series 4 teaser. Last page in the Playlists menu.

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I hope it’s something exciting, and not just knock over skittles.

Well I hope it is something for the racers whatever it is.

If it’s ranked I’ll be happy and irritated in equal measure though, of course it will be great having it back but if it arrives this early into the game’s life it as good as says it was taken out on purpose just so they could do this with it, then boast about listening to their player base while gullible fans clap like seals for content that could and should have been there at launch.

Like I say I hope it is ranked returning, but it will be a perfect summary of why people like me and whoever else despise live service if it is.

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I’d be surprised if it was ranked returning. It just doesn’t seem a direction which they want to go and I think they removed it because policing it was seen as too difficult. I’m expecting something rather more consistent with the more basic gameplay they seem to be going for. Fingers crossed though as a ranked mode immediately gives this game the lift it needs (and if they add ranked I’d imagine Custom wouldn’t be far behind).


Wait is ranked racing coming back? Does that mean players will start ramming again and being toxic? Oh no.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up or speculate if I were you. It most likely is nothing. If it is something it’s most likely not what you expected. If it is what you expected then it most likely isn’t implemented how you want. If it is implemented how you want it most likely contains bugs. If it doesn’t contain bugs then other players are cheating. If other players aren’t cheating then you’re now in a twilight zone.

I think we can get some hints from the title of the next series: Horizon World Cup. This will probably be an Olympics-inspired competition as the series starts around the time the Winter Olympics start.

Probably who can stay online In the game the longest next month gets some cream socks for your character to match the cream mittens


The Trial this week is called the Grand Finale. Maybe they are getting rid of the trial and replacing it with the “new competition”.

Maybe they are getting rid of the game completely and that’s why this week’s Trial was called Grand Finale? :stuck_out_tongue:


I reckon it’ll be a “Rocket League” type soccer game but with gravity.

That would be nice and an addition I suggested several times in FH4’s life.

I would just hope they wouldn’t pull a FIFA and try fooling everyone that it’s something completely new when we already had it years back, in this case FM4.

Some sort of dance game with our driver probably :wink:

Although i hope it’s actual racing!