Need some help! (Moving from horizon to fm4)


I’ve been playing horizon for the past couple of months. All and all its not a horrible game but racing online gets old very quickly. People race dirty and most of them dont have much skill. I finished most of my races in first or second.

I recently switched over to for a 4. It has more cars, is much more realistic, and I heard people don’t usually race dirty. Okay, so… I’m holding my own playing solo but I can’t for the life of me keep up with you guys in multiplayer :frowning:

-Any tips for me?
Would anyone want to race sometime?
Would any one be willing to trade some fm4 cars for horizon cars?

Thanks for reading!


Oh and my gamer tag is my for a name if you want to add me!

I’ll be on in a bit, so I can add you and perhaps help out. There are so many variables as to how you can improve pace that it would take ages to address in a post.

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Okay! Thx! I don’t have a mic tho, is that OK?

Messages should work fine

upgrade and tune your cars or buy tunes or pretuned cars. and there is no perfect tune, what wins on a track with long straights and sweeping turns will lose on a track with short straights and sharp turns. running cars stock isn’t going to win. read the tuning guides. tune the car to fit your driving style, its easier than trying to adjust your driving to the car and wrestling it around the track.

lost of practice. learn the tracks. turning off assists will let you be faster. there are 2 way to practice. either turn off all the assists, start very slow and go 1 mph faster each lap. it’ll let you subconscious adjust and start driving for you, just like in real life. the more you practice the faster you’ll get. the other way is to turn on every assist and practice until you can run every lap clean. turn off an assist and run until you can run every lap clean again and fast then turn off another assist until you can run without assists. stay relaxed, panic and stress cause mistakes. when you get it down running fast laps is going to be alot easier than running slow laps was. you’ll start driving not only to get thru the corner the fastest, but on a line that will get you thru the next corner the fastest. you sub conscious will be driving corners ahead, there wont be any surprises and probably not any “oopses”. and you wont have to concentrate nearly as hard. the biggest problem with new player is they are trying to hard, not that they aren’t trying hard enough. then when they make a mistake they push even harder leading to more mistakes. they over drive the cars. if you can run a good lap or few laps but when you make a mistake it leads to mistake chain and your race goes to trash you are trying too hard. relax. take a break if you have to. and practice practice practice.

remember slow in fast out on corners. how fast you come out of a corner is more important than how fast you go in because you’ll carry that extra speed all the way down the straight. if you are pushing the car too hard slowing down can actually get you lower lap times and make you faster. avoid tire squeel, thats speed loss. the suggested line is not always the fastest line.

then when you get good see if you can tweek your tune to make you any faster.

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You will find that FM4 has vastly more things to do than horizon, if you get flustered by one aspect of the game go to something else in the game for a bit.


Thanks for the help guyys!

I turned off most of the assists and I THINK I’m getting the hang of it! I’m still confused about the whole tuning thing so I’m gonna hold off on that lol … I’m also trying out some awd cars instead of rwd.
I’m mostly having trouble with corners, I feel like I go into them too fast or too slow evrytime :frowning:

Tuning isn’t simple. Many of the Forza community have spent ages just on one car to perfect it.

The best thing for beginners is to get a basic understanding of what parts do on a car. So if you have a really fast car but find the back end gets a little loose, you know that downforce can help a little with this and so from there you can between to tweak it until it feels good. You will then move on to other tuning aspects and find that tuning one part can effect the previous part you turned, again, you then tweak and twonk until it starts to suit you :smiley:

But when in doubt, make use of what others have provided as some of the guys/teams have some amazing setups for you to use.

Don’t feel like you don’t deserve credit by getting a faster time using other peoples setups. At the end of the day you will still need to practice to get better lap times and only your own skills will do that. No different to racing drivers in the real world using cars that other people have built and then they use there driving skills to make the most from the cars performance.

Also I like to drift around corners (when I can) . will drifting corners win me races or should I tty not to “squeel” on corners?

(sorry if I’m not using the correct terms guys. I’m by no means a car buff lol just like racing games)


i cant offer any better advice than the guys above,

however you asked about trading cars. if you want you can add me as a friend and i will send you a classic ferrari gto worth 10mil for you to keep or sell.

if you interested message me and friend request and ill gift it you.

i wont race online because im slow but i am willing to help you out in this way. i do want to say if you add me after i send you the car i will unfriend you.
got 30mil and all the cars i want so willing to share a little of my hard earned credits with you.


drifting on pavement is always slower. in real life drifting can be faster on dirt with the right car, but there are no dirt tracks in fm4. tire squeel also means more heat in the tires so less traction for a bit even after the squeel. and it wears the tires faster if you have tire wear turned on. and its not how fast (or slow) you go into a corner its how fast you come out of it. but better to be slow in than too fast. even slow is faster than a dead stop that a wreck or sticky grass crawl cause. go for lamborgini, its fast and 4wd. upgrade the transmission so you can adjust atleast the top bar in tuning ahen push the slider to the right. you want it to red line at the end of the longest straight. once you get better at tuning and can do the individual gears set it so you are at the bottom of the gear range so you dont have to shift mid turn and can accelerate out of the corner. get the pro suspension and lower the car all the way then bring it back up one tick. if you dont race with tire wear and fuel usage on set your tire pressure for 33 lbs. if you do have wear on set it for 28 or 29, as the tires heat up the pressure will increase. set the front toe to -3 and the rear to +2. get the best brakes, very few pi cost and they can catch you if you go in a bit to fast. get the forza front and rear wings so you can adjust them. rather than adding more down force to the front or back take air force away from the end that is staying planted and not sliding. its more about ballancing the front vs rear than anything, and less downforce is faster. if you need a little more handeling get wider tires or go for weight reduction. if it handles like a dream then go for an engine upgrade and add as many hp as you can without going over the class you need the car for.

ohh go to career 1st then event select. pick the one that pays the highest, turn on as many assists as you need, set the level to as easy as you need and win enough races to get the car to level 5. after level 5 most of the upgrades are free and wont cost you any credits. i think only the air wings and rims still cost credits. for online racing i usually pick a car and tune it one or two classes higher that way i can fit the car to my driving style. after you get better there are faster cars than the lambos, but they wont be as easy to drive. when you need fast and easy lambo is the way to go.

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^this helped me out more than anything. Thanks rdo!!!

… And thanks for the Ferrari BR1T! :slight_smile:

Do not listen to this post… Just about everything stated here is inaccurate.

WOW!! Thanks, ON3BR1T15H1D10T! :slight_smile:

And thanks for the great advice rdo3! I’m going to tty out some Lamborghini s when I get home.

Do you recommend Ferraris or old muscle cars???

muscle cars are the hardest to handle because they weigh so much. if you are into drag where you dont have to turn you can use them, and if you go thru career forza is going to require you to use them. but they are what i would call a high skill car not a starter car. some ferraris are good like the f40 and f50. the car he offered you is expensive because of rarity, not performance. it’ll get beaten on the track. engineering has come along way in cars. power to weight ratio means todays economy cars can keep up with old muscle cars. if you look the muscle cars will be around d or c class. they are not that fast on a track by todays standards. the dont rule the road like they did in the old days.

Of course this is all utter balderdash too. This is not real life and muscle cars are extremely competitive in this game all the way up to A-class. There’s s few decent ones in S-class too but I think S-class is the limit. The 250 GTO that you have been gifted is an absolute monster in S-class and A-class.

enjoy the car unless you sold it for money but either way is fine.

i consider it one of my good deeds this week.


can i just add here

Merry christmas to all


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