Need help with lower speed oversteer!

Ive tuned a pagani Cinque and so far I LOVE its performance above 100MPH can take most corners without breaking but anything below that oh dear turn 10 help me…
the understeer is just awful

Can someone tell me what needs to be done to allow for more lower speed oversteer without affecting high speed oversteer…?

TP 28.5 for both
FD 3.30
camber -1.7 -2.0
toe .1 .2
front caster 5.5
ARB 27.02 26.55
springs 786.1 834.1
Ride height 3.1 3.1
RBS 9.0 10.0
BS 3.6 4.5
DF 414 790
Diff 81 67

I am somewhat confused about what you want. I read help with low speed oversteer in the title. Then the first paragraph ends with the understeer is just aweful. Im sure lots of people would jump to help you if this was more clear as to what you need. I am guessing you want to reduce understeer coming into slow corners?

I like to raise rear bump when I want more rotation from the car coming into corners. Or softening the front rebound can help as well. Ill move them .3 to .5 at a time to see how Im liking it then fine tune. Seems like that makes the weight sit to the front better helping it turn in. Also, you could try lowering your decel figure. Lowering that will increase off throttle oversteer. Hope that helps.

I have never tuned that specific car. So i dont know whats normal for settings on it. Is it really stiff with your current set up? Just seems like high bump, high springs, high ARBs etc…

And is your front camber lower then rear? Like I said, never tuned it but that seems odd to me.

I run my diff at 0 and nvr have an issue with over or under steer

The car is relying on the downforce for grip therefore you are not feeling it at 100 mph. The fact that the car has severe understeer at low speed is pointing to the fact that the car is not inherently balanced. If the car performs well at low speed, the characteristic will carry over to the high speed.

Just looking at the numbers, the front ARB for an MR seems high compare to the rear.

In addition, the bump damper is VERY low compare to the rebound. This will have the effect of giving one an ‘impression’ of a smooth ride but at the expense of unresponsive steering inputs. In general, bump should be approx. 75% to 50% of the rebound.

My recommendation is to address those 2 items, reduce the downforce to minimum, then test the car out. If the car behaves well, then increase the downforce to your liking.

Try bump 2.;0/2.1. Toe 0/0. Camber -2.7/-2.5. Differntial 9/27. Just a guess.

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a bit of front toe out will give better turn in, along with some more negative front camber

Take some ARB out the front (or stiffen the rear bar) but compensate by reducing front downforce otherwise you’ll start to get high speed mid corner oversteer. As said above the car is not balanced but the aero is giving the impression that it is at high speed.