Nearly finished a tune and I need some help!

So I’m about 90% completed on this tune of mine but there’s something bothering me about the handling and I feel as though if I fix it the tune will be awesome.

I’ve used the springs telemetry to balance the car, ive used the cockpit view to balance my arb body roll(in the front, outside view for rear), ive sorted camber, toe, ride height, diff, tyre pressures etc etc… everything!! I’m confident of small changes that I can make to fine as well but…

I can not get the outside front tyre’s friction values down. In the friction screen it’s the first tyre to go into 120-130% on corner entry and then mid corner it settles but it still high. I need more grip out of that wheel to get this tune really rocking.

Can anyone suggest changes?

It sounds like the load is being transferred to that tire too quickly. I suggest slowing it down a bit. 5 ways come to my mind: lower springs, lower bump, lower front ARB, wider tires, and/or higher tire profile. All of these have the effect of slowing down the load transfer except the wider tires. Wider tires just spreads the load across a larger contact patch . . .

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Tnx GRD this is what I needed,

My springs are in a nice place and so I don’t want to change that balance too much plus if I soften those then it wont be long before I’m knocking up the ride height but I’ll certainly apply changes in small amounts to try and keep the balance there. Watch out for the tune, hopefully it will be completed tonight and I can finally re-open 2s tuning :slight_smile: