My X1X is dead, I installed Forza on my PC... outch!!!

What is going on guys on PC?

I get stuttering, loading times are unbelievably long, the game hangs or goes back to the desktop, or it freezes in the menu.

Just to get in the game it take around 2-3 minutes.

When I’m finally able to play, the game stutters I get frame drop for 40-50…

I’m playing at 4k on a 2080ti.
The game is installed on a brand new NVME SSD.

When I run the benchtest I get more than a 100fps…

Please help.

p.s All my other games have no issues.


By the way all drivers are up to date, same thing for Windows 10.

Last 2 Nvidia driver can cause issues with Forza. Install July driver.
Also some anti-virus can cause Issue. I had big stuttering issues. I removed completely my anti-virus (Avast), disabling temporally does not work, and running with Windows defender, then no more stutters.
My game run pretty smoothly now.

I had to rollback my gpu drivers to fix it, the new one is broken


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Thank you!