Has any found a stutter fix yet!?!?

I saw, multiple posts as recently as a few months ago, saying they were fixing the issue with stuttering that has been existent since the beginning of the life cycle of the game… So I picked it up yesterday thinking it might be fixed. Boy was I fooled. They haven’t fixed a thing in this game. Started it up, set all my settings and ran the benchmark, and the game hitches/stutters every few seconds.

It’s essentially running 150-200 FPS, but drops to 20 or 30 something every few seconds. And if I didn’t know any better, I say the game was actually freezing for such a short amount of time that it doesn’t even register the drop to 0 FPS. But it makes the game unplayable. My rig handles it fine, a Ryzen 5 3600X on an X570 Board with 32 GB Ram, and an RTX 2070. Horizon 4, for example, runs smooth like silk. Forza 7 is choppier than Bruce Lee.

Every “fix” I’ve seen is just a work around, none of which are working on my PC. Literally just installed it yesterday. Should be up to date. Has the issue been solved and has returned now or something? Because I either see posts about this from a few months ago, or over a year ago. No in-between. Is there a current work around that’s working? I’m on 1903 Win10, since they ended service for 1803. But I have no problems actually running the game, just the unplayable stutter.

2nd post here https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst156881_BAD-updates-to-the-game-for-months--Here-is-the-proof--Causes-stutters-low-FPS--sluggish-performance.aspx

Its not a perfect fix but it does help a lot.

You have to roll back your nvidia drivers… I already did it , it works. The problem is, other games are performing worse with the old nvidia drivers… like battlefield V. I think the driver I’m using is 430.16 now. And it is perfect. It doesn’t just help a lot… Idk what nickingb is talking about.

It is true you are correct, you don’t know what I am talking about, let me help you out. The game engine and its interactions with the CPU is the problem. The affinity settings are therefore different for AMD & Intel. This has absolutely nothing to do with nVidia graphics cards or AMD. It has again, absolutely nothing to do with the drivers for either.

Here is a video which can help you understand. Peter Jones - YouTube “Forza Motorsport 7 stuttering fix”

If you have a problem with understanding how computers work, go study them. I can advise you a great deal with reference to this.

This is me - https://imgur.com/gallery/qENbgnj now without being annoyed with me because you are wrong, rather think about picking up a book and learning about what you are talking about. I star out most recent years & sensitive information.

There is not 1 web-page from guru3d, toms hardware or a hundred other sources that even suggests that drivers make a difference in FPS in ANY game, what a fool. The OP suggests an ongoing problem for many months (even from the release of the game) a problem I have addressed on the forums a week or two ago. Roll back the drivers… -this is not even mentioned by the OP as its not relevant. You don’t understand what the OP has said… what is this…)

So many people on the internet say “I did it -it works” when in fact it does not. (Its unfortunate that so many people NEED to be right rather than being right). In the 80/90s to get onto a BBS or online required a little bit of know how, now touch screen even my parents are online. The good thing about everyone online is everyone is online, the very worst thing about everyone being online is… everyone is online… You fall into the latter here.

I had the same issue. Uninstall my anti-virus (Avast) fix it for me. Just disabling temporarily the anti-virus does not work. I had to completely remove Avast. I’m running with Windows Defender integrated with Windows, which is actually good.


No, unfortunately.

There is a stuttering problem that is associated with the latest Nvidia drivers. Look through the forums. There are probably 15 different threads on this as of the last 2 weeks. There is also another stuttering problem associated with anti-viruses, mainly avira, avast etc. Also a topic that has been discussed and resolved. I have the game running smoothly on an Intel system and an AMD system. I guess I’m just lucky…

You will also find YouTube channels where the videos show you detailed instructions to change file permissions to rename system files in order to break/disable services to “fix” stutter problem’s -They are also wrong. This misinformation serves to confuse people not help them.

I can’t find these 15 threads you refer to. Only 2 or 3 posts about latest driver complaints, which mention game crashes, strange colorful graphics.

(Edit: The antivirus topic “has been discussed and resolved?” I did a quick search & it is not resolved. There are many posts set as ANSWERED from months ago which are still discussed and not resolved. You know what you say here can be double checked?

(Edit: The problem with the latest drivers are well documented online. Once again, nothing to do with stuttering but display rendering problems/game crashes. Easier to talk to a brick wall.)

You went from “I just did it, it works” (Impossible) & doubled down on that to now “its working on my AMD & intel systems… just stop… this is too much…

(Edit: I am going to refrain from further discussion with you, “You NEED to be right”.

(Last Edit: The driver mentioned above as working perfectly does NOT exist. nVidia never released a 430.16)

what do you suggest amd builts I got ryzen 5 2600 rx570 4gb 8 gb 3200 ram windows 10 64 version 1903.

I’ve purchased a week ago standart edition.I never uninstall anti-virus is it really work? I so frustrated that’s why I uninstall forza motorsport 7. espically on paint shop and find desing section game give blue screen shutting down etc even if lower the settings doesn’t change. if it’s unistalling the virus really work I install the game but if won’t work I dont wanna waste my internet and 99gb to waiting another dissapointment.


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