My tunes

So I do mostly drift tunes on mostly JDM. I have a couple Goliath tunes as well. I’m looking to get not only DLs but feed back as well. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a LOT of TT V8 swaps but hey it works… I you get the chance, please check my stuff out. I’m not just trying to get easy DLs, I do legitimately put time and effort into each one. Oh! And if it is a TTV8 you should be drifting in 2nd and ONLY second

Just tested the NSX Grip tune. You’ve serious struck gold with the underbody, especially the damper settings. Dampers were literally perfect.
Only gripe I had was the LSD’s deceleration settings which seemed to be set very low, meaning I’d have to actually use the brakes to turn into high speed corners and not just engine braking. But that’s probably just my driving though.

Trying out the centenario tune in a bit.

EDIT: Tried the centenario tune. Almost perfect for an AWD setup. 5 gear tune is pretty interesting but it works pretty well. However AWD does have its limits though. I managed 8:36 on the goliath. I think having a more rear biased torque split can improve its understeering in high speed corners and maybe it can hit sub 8:30. Super easy to drive though.

Great job all around!

Thanks for the input! Ya I dont do to much with the diffs, but I’ll look into it. When I got done with the tune on the NSX I took it around Goliath and was really happy with it. I try to tune my grip cars so that they don’t fight you to much. Let me know if there’s anything specific you want. I really enjoy doing weird cars…

nah you aint gonna help me :stuck_out_tongue:
My driving is very line focused so high risk high reward cars works the best for me, and my impression of your work is safe and easy to drive cars.

also just another input, ive tested my RWD centenario right after your AWD tune, and somehow mine accelerates much better? It doesnt make any sense for a RWD to outaccelerate a AWD. I think its the gearing. You might wanna look into it.

Updated the NSX a bit. It’s a little more aggressive with the gearing and diff settings. Ya the Centi gearing is weird but that so you can stay in 4th for the forest section of Goliath and still have a decent top speed with the AWD. what ode really like is some feedback on my drift tunes. I love them but it’d be great to know if there was something that I was missing.

Feedback!!! What can I do to get you to try my tunes? I can name them funny stuff, I can do requests (maybe lol), what I really want to know is what other people think of my drift tunes. I really feel like I’m close to having a couple of them perfect but I’ve reached my limit of ability. I’m not looking for blind accolades, just feedback

Finally after almost a month, I’ve completed a tune for the Huracan HE. It’s called ultimate Goliath monster and, as the name suggests, it’s for Goliath. I tried everything I could to get it to match my Centi but unfortunately I was unable to. If you do use it be sure to have ABS, TC and SC off. I also recommend NOT going to first gear other than the hairpin before the bridge. Check it out let me know what you think.
Also got a few new drift tunes up. A couple are a bit expensive (V8TT swaps) but they’re worth it. I tune them all regardless of engine/power, save a few exceptions, to run in 2nd gear for the downtown parking lot and 3 gear for a majority of the drift zones. I recommend turning off ABS, TC and SC. I would also recommend simply throwing the car into corners rather than braking or e-braking. The diffs are tuned so that the rear will walk around the front by simply letting off the throttle/clutching in at the same time you change direction.

And again, please, if you do try something of mine, I’d love to know your thoughts, good or bad. I’m so used to my stuff that I may be missing something.

Hey guys,

So call me naive but I just realized I can download tunes. Hoopty I grabbed your Huracan tune and will play around with it.

Again since I’m new to this and have generally used my very novice tuning skills and immediately killing off tunes on purchased cars, is there a way for me to see the “dyno” scores on the tunes that are downloaded to compare to what I have done? Obviously it wants to wipe the tune if I go into tuning screen, but am I missing something elsewhere that shows this basic information?

Look forward to a lap on Goliath with your tune when I have some time!

The only screen I can think of where you can see the stats would be in your garage press the toggle button and you should be able to see the HP, TQ, top speed etc. As for seeing the actual tuning values, there’s no way I’m aware of. Let me know what you think and thanks!

You want my feedback as drifter and tuner? Fine, you’re not going to like it thought. All your stuff is amateur high horsepower builds in mid S1 + class… That is literally horsepower drift, it doesn’t even need to be tuned much to perform well at drifting. Another thing I notice is obvious high tyre compound which again… is very amateur thing to do . If you want to impress any professional you’ll need to step down to at least A class -650hp running stock/street compound, that’s where the tuning adjustment actually matter and either make or break the car. I’m looking at your Mx-5 tune right now and legit chuckling laughing… 718HP with full weight reduction… Holy jesus that is absoluletly pointless, a decent drift setup for Mx5 wouldn’t go above high B class, most likely around 300hp range. I see you’ve also managed to overkill a M3 Horizon Edition, 1000hp? My M3 is running RB26 swap at 555hp and it’s absolutely enough to drift tune using offroad components (since HE cars are mostly ruined with race compound by default)

What I’m trying to say is, like 90% of Horizon 3 drifters in public freeroam, your stuff is complete overkill and outside any competitive specs. When a car is built over mid S1 pushing 700hp range or better, it’s the build itself drifting aka powersliding, little to do with your tuning skills. What pains me the most is the fact that there are a lot of “Legendary Tuner” ranks with legit awful builds like that. Pro Drifters in Forza run d1gp spec etc. not the ridiculous Hoonigan or Ken Block Monster type builds. No pro wants to join or see drifting that is based on powering through corners at 100mph, that’s just lame and requires very little skill or input.

I’m not trying to knock you down or offend you. It’s probably not your fault to begin with since you might have started basing of other people giving you wrong ideas building like that. I’m just personally tired of this kind of tuning being passed off as legit… Very few Forza veterans left around to tune stuff properly and 99% sits in private games, shame because they should be calling out stuff here trying to pass on the knowledge, casual drifters have nowhere to learn this stuff that we knew for years and this sort of overkill style of going the easiest way takes over. Overkill specs are even taking over the Motorsport games which seems insane to me… Back in the day it was all about B-A class handling platform & drivetrain tuning now it’s hard to see anything under S probably thanks to all the mainstream Gymkhana & Hoonigan bulls**t being pushed irl. Pro drift scene went underground on Forza games since FM4 tbh and I dont expect a comeback anytime soon. Sad times.

Wow, ok I asked for it and I got it. Your right to say however that I’m “tuning for the masses”. My own drift cars are almost all tuned with stock engine/aspiration and stock or street compound. I’ll put up a low HP, stock compound tune tonight. You try it and tell me what I need. I make drift tunes that anyone can pick up, put in second and slide around without even thinking about clutch kicking or ebrake because, honestly, I want the money and status (I know, reprehensible). But please, before you write me off, try one of “my” tunes. I’m getting married soon and don’t have a lot of free time but I swear I will put up a more…“realistic” tune tonight. It’s for the Silvia HE, and no it’s not wide body

Lol so I just checked and my Silvia HE is 600hp… so it’ll be the Silvia K’s aero

Bump also the guy who ragged on my tunes never actually DLed them…