My Thoughts On The Hot Wheels DLC

Not really impressed tbh. Map seems pretty small actually, biomes are not very large and drifting just don’t feel right in the DLC.

I didn’t really expect much from this DLC, the only reason it took so long to get out is because of licensing and that Hot Wheels had their own game come out at the same time as FH5.

Everyone was hoping for something awesome considering the main game is very lackluster and got boring very very quickly, honestly it really is just FH4.5. There is less to do in 5 than there was in 4.

God Bless

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I’m sorry you were disappointed Preacher. Maybe it was the hype that led up to it?

I for one am very happy with the Hot Wheels update. It injected some fresh life in an old game and brought some players back that had left. It’s fun for me with the new cars and the track differences. Feels like a rollercoaster.

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