When is the dlc comeing out

There has been no dlc lately no car packs or new maps usually we would get one in December but we haven’t


Agreed. With FH4, my memory is toast due to my end stage Multiple Sclerosis, but I thought Fortune Island was released fairly quick after the release of Horizon 4. Now our seasons have no races, which I really looked forward to the new challenges, and racing with, and meeting new players, during seasonal races.

I the Series X, and I’m so disappointed that my SIM(Logitech G920) doesn’t have anything available for compatible E-Brakes. I built my SIM to be able to enjoy my one passion in life, driving and drifting. And my SIM is the only one that doesn’t have an e brake compatible with this disappointing Series X. If I had kept my One X I wouldn’t have this problem. I’ve sent in tickets, and reports to forza and Xbox about this issue, and haven’t received any answers. I’m about to sell my whole, full custom SIM and trading it for a new Scuf controller.

Help us out please!

@F1ghtngDe4th why don’t you just get rid of the Xbox and get a pc? Honestly for someone who’s main interest seems to be racing with a full set up pc would be way better for you and there are way more sim titles to explore as well as forza.

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Thanks for the input. Honestly, there’s one reason why I don’t already have a PC. I legitimately, and straight up, 100%, truthfully cannot remember when I woke up, or how many days I’ve been awake. I have about 60% of noodle that actually still works, and, I have no long, or short term memory. Playing Forza was recommended by my MS docs, and has pretty much kept my hand eye coordination/depth perception/cognitive skills, and the consistent, and constant, 8-56 hour, 7 days a week, for years, every season close to 100% completed, and dragons descent drifting in full convoys. Now that’s a challenge for me, but I like challenges. Man, I have end stage, Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. It’s been actively destroying all my nerves protective sheathing (Mylin) for over 25 years. I’m 41, almost 42. I just found out I had this about 5 years now. 5 years ago I was in good shape, had perfect, shiny white teeth, that I always took care of my whole life. In the last 5 years, they just started falling to pieces, literally. Brushing my teeth is like using a steel wire brush. Lol. Now for the 1/4 row of surviving chompers, on my top right jaw, And my bottom and top, front grills, lmao, I have toothbrushes that are like silk, and have 150,000 soft bristles. Still pulls my teeth to pieces… That’s the worst part of this battle. For real. So right now, at this point of this message, I can’t remember what I was messaging about. I’d have to scroll to the top, like usual. But I’m not. Point proven. I have trouble operating my Xbox Series X, and even my 2021 Motorola Stylus 5G. I was happy as hell that I have my whole gaming/electronics/nice Dream Samsung miniOLED 55” smarter than me TV, and all my LED strips and other stuff, all of that is connected to my Google home mini. Took me a year to get it all setup right. This shifter is an issue.

But I think I might know why it’s not working. I had two gated/magnetic 6 spd shifter mods. Both had the bottom of the gate, that’s separating 1st from 3rd, break off and fall inside my shifter housing, and a little circle magnet is bouncing around in there as well. I’m thinking that’s my issue. Some wrenches in the gears. Lol.

To prove again how the nerves grounding out, and
My constantly confused mind messes up, I didn’t realize this thread isn’t from my post asking for help with my sequential shifter. My bad. I apologize. :pensive::face_exhaling:. I need rest and ruffage. Sorry, and thanks again.

They are creating the final models for the first my little pony expansion. I expect it to come out very soon.


My life will finally be complete! You just made my week! Thanx sir :grinning:

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Jeeze man. Sorry to hear that. Good luck getting everything working properly

Where’s the DLC?

Looking at the release patterns in previous Forza games such as FH4 we should be getting one fairly soon I’d assume :man_shrugging: fingers crossed its soon!

If they were following past trends then we would have seen FM8 before FH5.

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It would be silly to release FM8 and FH5 at the same time.

Given the communities reaction to the main game i would assume they are working on fixing what we currently have before moving on to releasing any DLC but keep your eyes on the official socials for news as it breaks


Spoiler alert. Expac 1 will be Minecraft theme, aka Lego expac 2.0

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FH2 release 9/30/14, 1st dlc 12/16/14, 2nd dlc 3/27/15
FH3 release 9/27/16, 1st dlc 12/13/16, 2nd dlc 5/9/17
FH4 release 10/2/18, 1st dlc 12/13/18, 2nd dlc 6/13/19
FH5 release 11/5/21, 1st dlc ?

Americans and their date formats…

Why can’t ya’ll be normal and use dd/MM/yy.

It literally makes no sense to use MM/dd/yyyy.


Minecraft. Goody. Digging bigger hole than currently.

I really hope they delay it. Fixes and bumping rewards at least to FH4 levels on weeklies.
Did FH4 weekly today. 4WS and 4SWS. More than FH5 weeklies.

Actually, we should all switch to yyyy/mm/dd for all sorting purposes :smile:


Sounds like you’ve been Americanised NM. I’d say 15th March rather than March 15th.


Thanks for your input MorphNurse :rofl:

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