My thoughts and theories about FH6

I think that I might know what and where Forza Horizon 6 will be like (and sorry for not providing photos as evidence cause I’m not great at doing that) anyways hopefully everyone knows or remembers what the HotWheels map looks like well I think that FH6 will be similar to that like for an example one side of the map an actual proper city and another side of the map all forest and also I think I even figured out FH6 location cause we’ve been getting a lot of Asian car’s from China, South Korea, and Japan also if you know the Rally Adventure map/DLC well upon my findings only 2 Asian countries hold Rally Racing and that’s China and Japan but my best bet is Japan why? Well if you were to compare La Gran Caldera it looks awfully familiar to Mt Fujii in Japan and I’ve tried to find mountains in China but none of them looks even remotely close to La Gran Caldera and finally IF and keyword IF Playground Games were to do a 1:1 scale of a city (or something similar like how Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown did) it would take them 3 years (which we already know that FH6 was in development back in 2021 or so) and it takes Playground Games almost 9 months 200+ days to scan a car and recently Playground Games are gonna be re-scanning car’s either in May or in June of 2024 so FH6 could be released either in January 2025 (which might not happen) or FH6 could be released in August or October in 2025 (which is more than likely to happen) anyways that’s my thoughts and theories about FH6 let me know what you’re personal thoughts and theories about FH6.

You can take a screenshot.

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Also, if you look at the previous horizons; all of them had some special features in the main game or DLC that made it to the next game.

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True and I know how to take screenshots but to add them with the word’s is out of my league and also yeah things in the DLC of Forza Horizon games does make it into the next installment like the HotWheels 2.0 (which I should’ve mentioned that) has those separate biomes and I got to thinking maybe the main map of FH6 will be like that or something similar (once again I should’ve mentioned that) also with Palworld having a SakuraJima update coming out on June 27th 2024,Assassins Creed Shadows, and Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown all being/having an Asian like themes makes me think that FH6 will also be set in Asia since apparently it’s a trend now (and yet once again I should’ve mentioned that SMH🤦‍♂️) so what is your thoughts and theories about FH6?

Well, based on the patern, FH6 might take place in :eu: & if they go with :de:; i expect porsche 911 hybrid 2025 to be the cover car. If your theory is right and we are going to :jp:, then nissan gtr 2025 will be the cover car. If FH6 is going to be released in 2026, i expect that the cover car will be a 2026 or 2027 car (all forza games have the latest cars as the cover car). But i hope they add japan; i mean just look at hakone in FM! it’s so beautiful!

I don’t know, but i think they are using the FM’s new forzatech engine, so why not. :slightly_smiling_face: a new engine is a great upgrade, but it’ll come at a cost and that’s content. I expect the game will launch with 500 cars just like FM; but we won’t get cars like nissan silvia s15 at launch because they announced that they’re going to rebuild them & this might take a year, so i expect them in the monthly updates.
But the thing that i absolutely want is a more advanced eventlab. I want the eventlab to be a game engine for itself (but simple enough for everyone).
Make sure to check out my circuit as well! 😊

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Ok well wouldn’t Germany just be FH4 all over again but I literally don’t know nothing about Germany but according to the internet Germany isn’t as diverse as countries like Japan and China are but again I could be wrong and as for the other country you mentioned I literally no nothing about it and also I could be wrong but knowing Playground Games they’re probably already looking into the re-scanning car’s right now and upon my findings it takes up to almost 9 months to scan one car so with that said we could expect FH6 in 2025 cause FH5 can’t entertain us until 2026 unless if we were to get a 3rd map expansion but we all know that ain’t gonna happen unfortunately :confused: but I would love to be proven wrong on how FH5 would entertain us until FH6 comes but my final thought I expect FH5 would die down anywhere from Series 45-51 which we are not far away from but I could be completely wrong about it though so who knows :person_shrugging:t2:

It’s famous for high speed highways.

I have a new location [if it’s going to be :eu:] : :es:

I don’t want another Spanish country I want Germany

So tell me why everyone wants to have the Autobahn when in Forza Horizon Series we don’t have to follow the rules of the road though right now if FH6 were to be set in Germany (even though I personally don’t believe that FH6 will be set in Germany) I would still play FH6 if it was set in Germany but in my own personal opinion I don’t believe that we would cause Germany would absolutely be FH4 all over again

I’d be very happy with a return to Europe, and Germany would suit me perfectly. It has beautiful landscapes, architecture and a definite automotive history.
However… I have to admit that the franchise is taking off like crazy in Asia. Add to that the fact that this continent has never been represented in the series, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Horizon Festival come to China. It represents a huge diversity of landscapes.

Blizzard did the same for WoW with the Mist of Pandaria expansion, immersing itself in this culture. I think I’m right in saying that Microsoft will take advantage of this opportunity to conquer Asia.

:canada: would be also very good.

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Another theory i have is that the reveal will happen in the 2025 showcase while the release will be November 2026; similar to FM where the announcement was 2022 & released at 2023.
Or it’ll be release 2027 on both 9th & 10th gen consoles.

Ideally, I’d love California. However, given how close it is to Baja California in Mexico (which is where a decent chunk of the current Mexico map is set), chances of that happening are pretty nil.

Pessimistically, I’m wagering it’s going to be set in China. We’ve gotten more cars relevant to China than Mexico in a game taking place in Mexico, and, as others have mentioned, Microsoft seems intent on cornering the Chinese market.

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