Forza horizon 6 : cover car

So, what the cover car will be if FH6 comes?
Here’s a guide: cover car and location for festival are the same (with an exception for some locations)
FH1-USA- dodge viper
FH2-italy- lamborghini huracan
FH3- australia- lamborghini centenario (exception)
FH4- england- mclaren senna
FH5- mexico- mercedes amg one (exception)
And another interesting thing is that the cover cars release date is a year early compared to the game, just take a look at FH4, released in 2018 and senna in 2019,or FH5, released in 2021, and AMG ONE in 2022.
So if FH6 is in japan, maybe nissan gtr 2025, if in germany, maybe 911 hybrid?
Share your thoughts.
Note: correct me if I’m wrong about some of the informations above.

Some Chinese EV


Devel sixteen.

Ew those look bad

So… what’s your prediction?

if its in China then I would go for the Hongqi S9 which is a Hybrid

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If it’s in japan, i think it would be nissan gt r 2025 or gt r italdesign

I can already see it being in Europe since this was the case with 2 and 4 if its true then I would go for Germany(or Deutschland in its national name) maybe the new AMG GT63 or the SL63 E Performance

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so, fh6 will be in EU or AS or SA

Europe is most likely I would say

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I hope asia comes

thats unlikely but probably in fh7

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