My own routes - hopefully FUN and ENJOYABLE tracks!

Hey guys,

in this thread I will be sharing my own custom routes that I will do. You will always find a full list here in the first thread, but I will post new stuff (once it’s ready) in a new post every time. I am always looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the tracks, so I can make the next ones even better and better!

Before we start, a tad bit of information.

My philosophy on creating routes:
Whenever I go to create routes, my plan is to make something fun and tricky that doesn’t fullfil everyday racing norms. So you won’t find normal tracks, but always interesting routes with some kind of a twist or story or something. At least that’s my personal goal! Sometimes, that will mean thinking out of the box, sometimes just very alternative route-finding, and then again maybe a bit of storytelling along the way. You’ll see.


1) The Mexican Job - Share Code: 995 548 606

Idea: Inspired by the 1969 (more than the 2003 version), this is a heist-race through Guanajuato. It is filled with tight turns, improvised route finding through narrow street and sidewalk-corners and a lot of police tractors (there are no police cars, so I used tractors instead! :D).
Also, you’ll find a lot of story-tidbits thrown at you.
Cars allowed/made for: The original route is designed for every car from the company “Mini Cooper” at A800. Test-driven with the Mini 65 and the Cooper Works 2009.
Tipps for best playability: Turn braking lines on on or half-on, helps with some route finding,
Known Issues: A few tractors are placed slightly awkward and too easily bumpable - if I didn’t have to re-do the entire thing, I’d fix it rightaway…
Also, there is always 1 AI racing with you (even though it is only annoying), but so far I haven’t found out how to do a full “only real people” race.

If you want to give the route a spin in your X999 Hypercar, ypu can here: 173 625 352 - but no guarantees that every car can fit through every waypoint here! :slight_smile:

2) Temple Run Ek’Balam - Share Code: 145 769 862

Idea: The Ek’Balam Temple looks so great, and is more or less the only temple that you can really explore for the most part, as most others have ridicolous invisible walls all over the place. Therefore, building something across bridges and in between temples was a “Must-do” for me.

Two Laps-Track, a little over 3 minutes per lap.

Cars allowed/made for: Every car that is somehow rallye-related (so classic rallye, rallye monsters, and the like) at A800. Even at A800 there are some really tight rurns and a few tricky jumps.

Tipps for best playability: Follow the Dinosaur-teeth flags, get a good raincoat!

Known Issues: One of the earlier Minijumps out of a temple is slightly awkward at full speed, would re-arrange the checkpoint (again, if I didn’t have to do the entire thing again, this took a good 2-3 hours already…)

Also, the AI racing with you is terrible, but that should not bother too much :slight_smile:

As always, I also made a blueprint for every car available: 346 590 994 - but I doubt you’ll have fun with anything not terrain-worthy :slight_smile:

3) Follow the Willow O’Wisps… - Share Code: 145 585 215

Idea: There is a swamp area, there are torchlights, therefore there are also Willow the Wisps that are going to lure you into their terrain and try to lead you astray…

Cars allowed/made for: Route is designed for every car class with “Rallye” in it at A800.
Tipps for best playability: Route can also be very fun from the “in-car” perspective, where it is a little bit more mysterious…
Known Issues: The first jump can be tricky if you don’t get it straight, so be a bit careful in the first corner!

As is tradition with my routes, here is a “everything goes” version as a 3-laps track: 122 255 210 - Enjoy!

4) The Sky Treasure - Share Code: 147 764 497

Idea: After my last temple run track (145 769 862, if you’re interested), I looked around the other temples to see if there was anything worthwhile (spoilers: not really), but while looking around Uxmal, I found out some other cool things you could do with enough effort, and that’s where the idea of “Sky Treasure” started.It only took 4-5 hours today and then the same amount prior for making the idea work, but now, it is here, my first track that goes to the top (quite literally) with objects.Some easy driving, but also a challenging hill-climb inside the jungle, so pack your hiking boots and tires, and get going to find the legendary Sky Treasure!

Cars allowed/made for: Route is designed for every car class with “Rallye” in it, and also a few “Jeep” and “Buggy” cars at A800.

Tipps for best playability: Make sure your A800 car has good grip and a bit of power, the hill-climb can be steep at times!

Known Issues: Some checkpoints are a bit hard to spot (but you can mostly get them anyhow), so keep your eyes out!

As is tradition with my routes, here is a “everything goes” version without car restrictions: 178 262 930 - Enjoy!

5) The House of Skill - 851 572 836 (down at the airport, by the drag race)

Idea: I wanted to create a track mostly made of my own parts for a long time, but FH had so many bugs and breakdowns, that it wasn’t before now that I could actually do it. This track is designed to be hard. There is NO REWIND allowed, some parts of the track are super-small and corners are extremely tight. You will constantly brake, accelarate, and brake again. There are some parts that you can probably only do slowly and that is intentional.

I wanted this as a challenge track for my gaming group, but I see no reason why you should not enjoy it too! :slight_smile:
My current (not well grinded yet) record is around 1:16 for X cars, 1:23 for A class. What will yours be?

Cars allowed/made for: You can drive with nearly anything, although I am pretty sure that cars above a certain size will not make the race (e.g. Hummer, Mercedes-Truck and whatnot). Stick with as small as possible. That said: I did make it with the Sesto.

Tipps for best playability: Use a car that rates handling over speed, I am only partly sure how well this track goes for Gymkhana.

Known Issues: Only a few objects that are a slight bit off to where they’d ideally be, afaik.

As is tradition with my routes, here is a “everything goes” version without car restrictions … oh, wait, the track doesn’t have those to begin with! :smiley:


I’d have another idea and route more or less ready, but I want to change weather settings…

Alas, as mentioned here:

that seems to be buggy. Is that just me or do you guys have similiar problems?

I’m seeing no eligible garage or autoshow cars for this event ??

Edit: oops, I was able to do the “any cars” version. Thanks for your work! Custom routes are the biggest reason I played FH4 almost every day for 3 years.

The main way to play is with every version of a “Mini Cooper” car, the all cars version is, as the name says, just that! :slight_smile:

BTW: I will wait with posting new routes until I know a bit more about this bug that I encountered yesterday and that basically means creating custom routes are a complete waste of time at the moment…

Bump for my newest track, Temple Run Ek Balam - Share Code: 145 769 862 (all infos in the starting post).

Also, some new discoveries:

  • some weather effects are tied to certain other conditions (e.g. fog only works in the morning, practically nothing works at night)

Bump because I added a new track: Follow the Willow O’Wisps - Share Code 145 585 215 (for a single lap A800) or 122 255 210 (for a "every car you want 3 lap track).

I also edited the laste route, Temple Run (Share Code: 145 769 862) a bit to make light effects work better and such.

Bumpedy-Bump for my newest track “Sky Treasure” - Share Code: 147 764 497

As always - main information and stuff in the first post.

I must say, this one has an unimaginable high amount of work in it. There are tons of custom-placed plattforms and other doodads (I was at 65-70% of the maximum placed items) and figuring out how to make it driveable somewhat smoothly was a pain…
I’d really appreciate if you’d like and do other stuff to this track, mostly enjoying, but I’d also love to hear from you guys how you liked the tracks and what you’d improve it they were yours! :slight_smile:

Have fun!

Hi guys,

sorry if this causes some wrong reactions and/or hype by someone, but I just wanted to let you guys know why there isn’t much going on in this thread ATM.

For one, I am seriously suffering from the latest patch. This weekend, I was building something that felt great for 2-3 hours, and then the game just froze and crashed, everything gone. That happened to me twice, on Friday and Saturday, and that is a big downer in terms of motivation.

Secondly, I am still experiencing this issue and thusly, I haven’t even been able to drive all of my older tracks with (most of) my gaming buddies. Especially my latest track, Sky Treasure, I haven’t been able to drive together with even a single friend, and as you might imagine, this also keeps my motivation on the lower end of things. While it is fun to create for you guys, I’d also like to see/hear my friends reactions to my ideas, and that is simply not possible currently. Sure, I could have all of them drive the tracks solo, but that is just not the same as experiencing it together.

Therefore: I want to be back and post new tracks (there are still, like, 3-4 good ideas stuck in my head), but I currently, it is simply a waste of time to even attempt to build something, and I’ll have to wait for a patch to fix things until I consider getting back at it.
I am really frustrated about all of this, but, oh, well, here we are… :slight_smile:

can you still play these solo. I created a few tracks but the checkpoints dont work and it wont let me edit them, so i am extremely unmotivated to make tracks until a future patchs as well

I’m giving this a bump because I added my newest track!

The House of Skill invited you to test your abilities on their newest invention. Bring your fastest and most agile car, and see if you can compete with those crazy challenges they built! You will suffer and weep, but the House of Skill does not accept losers!

The House of Skill - 851 572 836 (down at the airport, by the drag race)

wow! just played thru these righteous CL compositions! ty for sharing your philosophy too.* it shows!

agree about the most ‘explorable’ temple and that one is fun. still, favorite ambiance: 3) willow whisps! | favorite gameplay: skybridge!

*my philosophy is similar as goes narrative and a little trickery - apply ‘minimo’ and primarily non-custom worlds.

ty and cheers. followed and looking frwd to what you come up with next :wink: