My own design is locked even when there's no locked icon

Out of curiosity, I downloaded my own design from the share pages to see if the system will recognize it’s my design or not. The result is negative for some reason, even though the icon of the design doesn’t have a “locked” label on it, I still can’t edit it.

Did I do something wrong?

Did it over write your open design in your garage or can you still edit it?
Far as I can guess, downloaded is locked, no matter what. Serious protection?

Nope it didn’t overwrote my original file…well, I made sure to changed the file name before I did the download testing, so of course it didn’t. I’m not sure if it’ll get overwrite or not if i had kept the same file name.

I was thinking about a solution for the worst case scenario - If I lost my game saves will I be able to get my design files to recover from online servers…I guess not, at least not fully recover if it’s going to be locked.

yep, if you download your own design it will be locked like everyone elses.

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What we place for public consumption is a one-way street - you can put items up, but cannot retrieve them. You have the original in your own “local” save unlocked, but can only Delete what displayed to the public.