My Horizon Life - Level, Round, Tier question

My Horizon Life

I’m trying to understand the FH4 system and failing miserably!

In road racing for instance, I don’t seem to be able to move past level 25/tier 25 - there seems to be no tier/level/round 26 - and yet the little circle is only about 2/3rds full which to my old fuddled would indicate there’s more to do.

I’ve looked on the internet and all I seem to find is videos etc about getting to level 20 and unlocking Goliath, a race I do at least twice a day 'cos I love it!

So my question is this - is there a level/tier/round 26 and above, and how do I get there.

Thanks for you time folks.

No, in race types there is no more level than 25, this is maximum. When you reach “next” level you will just get a wheelspin

The different categories will have different Tier levels, so some peak out at 25, others go up to 50, etc.

But yes, once you get to the top tier, you keep earning points, but essentially keep repeating that Tier and getting that tier’s reward: a wheelspin.

At any event you have not yet hit the top tier, you will see the box to the left “You need x points to reach…” and then has the next Tier number and the prize. Once you hit the top Tier, 25 in your example, it no longer shows the Tier number, but yet still shows the prize. So you can keep earning points for doing those tasks, and still get credit for it, and even a reward, but it is just a loop at that point for more wheelspins. Hope that helps.