Bonus Reward cars for High tier reward levels

So I am tier 5, and I saw the p1 will be free for fh2 if tier 6, but my it says 0 xp to next tier…? So is 5 the max? or is this going to change once fh2 comes out? any ideas? maybe I just cant see how much is need to get to tier 6 (the max) I think.

The forums sometimes do not correctly reflect your proper tier. I show you as Tier 5 on 4666 points.

Tier 6 I believe is at 5500 points, which is a very tough get but possible if you work at it for the next two weeks.

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T 6 here ^-^

now that I made the post I see the levels next to our names, last time I posted it was glitched out and wasnt displaying properly, nor in the rewards, but thank you for the info, I doubt I could get lvl 6 in 2 weeks… :S

I really want a free p1 to start off my fh2 career

To be fair you could win it in the horizon wheelspin early on in the game or enough cash to buy it
I plan on getting the “it’s a lottery” perk as soon as possible
I remember in horizon 1 that wheelspin thingy got me a lot of the best cars in the game and a shed load of cash

Yeah, that was nice about fh1, I could get lucky, I know my frist play through I got a bugatti veyron ss for free at like lvl 3 online which was like 2-3 races. Then my save got corrupted never got another not even still even tho im lvl 56 or so online.

I hope it’s just as generous this time around
In horizon 1 i have every car plus duplicates, fully upgraded and still have about 20 million Credits just sat there
I like how it doesn’t have to be a grind

Dang man sick, I was trying to do this, but eventually other games came out and stopped. I always kept saying I would go back and finish that dream, but now I should save my time for the new fh2 instead.

Horizon was the first game I’ve ever completely completed in every way…everything!
So I have high hopes for this one, that launch trailer has blown me away to be honest
The best thing though is my actual car is in this one the clio Williams

Yeah I normally try to 100% every game I put on my gt :stuck_out_tongue: FH2 will be no different! I just havent had the time to finish fh1 and fm5 yet. Will do eventually. I mean hey, Ive gotten 1250 on pg4 twice… which is one of the hardest racing games to 100%