My garage is full? Give it some more room?

A few days ago I noticed I wasn’t very far away from owning every single car in the game. So the past few days I did some grinding. All went well up until this point.
I could not purchase any more cars. Can you please increase the number of cars you can own?

There’s only 9:ish more cars that I need. 2 formula E & some indycars.

Probaly will never happen
Some people have been requesting this for several months now

I ended up deleting most of the Nascars and only kept 1 of the formula E cars since they are pretty much identical except for liveries

Ah, that’s a shame to hear.
Thanks for the response though!

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I’ve been struggling to delete cars from my garage as they add more stuff. Especially while trying to keep some of the prize cars like the Lambo Huracan race cars. I deleted NASCARs from my garage as I used them to keep track of progress for the badge for driving all the NASCARs. I’ve also deleted a bunch of the Formula Es only keeping one. And the Indy cars narrowing both Honda and Chevy to one each. Some of the WTCC cars like Honda and Toyota that had multiple liveries I’m down to one each on. I think there are a few other things I’ve had to get rid of to make room. Your plight is shared by many.

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While i agree that there really should be enough garage spaces to accommodate all cars, many people will not go to the trouble of trying to own every NASCAR or every Formula-E, especially if liveries are not important to them.

Below is a list of all cars in FM6 that either have duplicates or are duplicates themselves:

Audi R8 LMP
Dodge/SRT Viper GTE
Ferrari F333SP
Ferrari 458 GTE
Ferrari 512 BB/LM
Ford Falcon V8SC
Ford Capri Turbo
Holden Commodore V8SC
Honda Civic WTCC
Lamborghini Gallardo ST
Mazda 787b
McLaren 12C GT3
Mercedes SLS GT3
Mercedes E63 V8SC
Peugeot 908
Toyota Corolla WTCC
Volvo S60 STCC
All NASCAR models
All modern IndyCar models
All Formula-E models
All “Team Forza” models, including the 10-Year pack and all preorder cars

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Having tried to duplicate the build/tune on the team forza cars so we could use the tema forza miata for a spec series witha couple friends that didn’t have it, the Team Forza cars aren’t actually the same and can’t be duplicated by modifying the normal version of the car. Aside from that detail that is an awesome list.

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