My congratulations to community support

First of all: Sorry for my poor English.

6 days ago the savegame was corrupted, I open a ticket in support, they respond quickly and tell me that I have to start the game again, they don’t tell me anything else, practically they answered me with a copy/paste of Forza Horizon 4 on how to delete the savegame in the cloud to start again without errors and that once it started again I would warn them to check that everything was fine. I insisted on whether I could recover what I had progressed (money, cars, suits …) but to that they did not respond.

They pass the ticket to another person.

I do what they say and I tell them that I have done what they told me but in another way because the instructions of the copy/paste of Forza Horizon 4 did not coincide with the process that had to be carried out in Forza Motorsport 7. I insist again that if I can recover some of what I already had even if it was in compensation… 5 days later the ticket has been closed without even replying to the message.

What have I lost because of the wonderful cloud? Oh, NOTHING…

· Collector level 33
· Driver level 247
· 12 Million CR
· +490 Cars (many of them from specialized dealer)
· +250 Driver gear suits
· Dozens of mods (almost all with rewards +100%CR & 3.000XP)
· All badges
· Dozens of tunes and designs that I did not have saved or shared
· 60% of game progress (I focused on getting online achievements first, playing drift lobbies and leagues)

Tremendous disappointment with the support, it was like: “HAHAHA THANKS FOR PLAYING, SEE YOU IN THE NEXT FORZA”

  • The thread title is ironic.