My Concept Idea for a new driving game

Hi, at college i have been doing game designs and i would like the family of forza just to comment on this idea and say if you would buy it or if you wouldn’t buy it and how much you would pay for it.

I propose that we build a photorealistic game mainly because photorealistic games can be highly addictive and a lot of players prefer photorealism games than any other style of game so there is a market audience for that type of game. The game is set in the UK and will be a detailed plan of the whole of the United Kingdom. The genre of the game will be a racing/adventure game. The aim of the game is to become the UK’S number 1 street racer. To achieve this you will have to gain respect(you gain “respect” from winning races the lower you come in the race the less respect you gain) to be able to challenge some of the best racers in the UK. You will also be able to race on track events and even participate in off road events.

The aim of the game is not the only thing you can do on the game, you can drive around and race other players from around the world, all of the roads are named after the roads in the UK and all of the houses in the UK are set in the same place on the game. You will be able to buy houses, this is an important feature because you cannot buy a car unless you have space to park it, so the more houses you buy the more space you have for cars, you can enter the houses and this will be where you can access trophies, edit settings and access races online. You will earn money and cars if you beat your opponents in races, when your respect gets higher you will get sponsorships from companies and they will ask the user to race for them, this would be the side mission.

To make the game realistic there would be police driving around who will try to arrest you if you break any laws e.g. speeding. If you get pulled over by the police, dependent on the crime you could get arrested, then you would have to wait 2 hours before getting out of jail or you will have to pay a fine.

There will be around 2000 cars to buy or to choose from and all the car dealers in the UK will stock the cars that are available on the game. All cars come with the amount of miles driven so you can buy a cheaper car which has more miles on the clock. To buy a cheap car you will have to go to your house and open your laptop and go on Autotrader, it will put up second hand cars from users of the game and NPC(Non-playable characters). If you want to buy a used car which is 50 miles away you will have to buy a tow and install it on the car then drive down to the house to pick it up with your car.

Some of your races will be hundreds of miles away you can access every city and teleport there with your car. You are not able to teleport to the race spots and you will still have to make your own way there. On the user interface will be the miles that the car is driven which can be seen at the bottom left hand corner, just above that is the MPH your car is doing and the revs of your car. In the bottom left will be the SatNav which will show the route of the destination you marked, it will also show how many miles to your destination. There will be day and night mode, this mode will be real-time to the UK and night street races can only be accessed at night fall. You will be able to access the whole map of the UK and it will show points of interest such as races, car dealership, body shops. They will be key terms on the left hand side of the map which shows what all the symbols mean on the map.

You can take your car to a garage and there you will be able to edit the settings of your car, at the garage you will be able to edit, the tyre pressure, gear ratios, wheel alignment, camber of the wheels, anti-roll bar stiffness (front and rear), differential of the car. You will also be able to add performance and handling parts to your car to make your car faster and to give your car better breaking and more grip around the corners. You can also go to body shops, the body shops will have parts for certain makes of cars e.g. if you had a Honda you would have to go to a Japanese body shop specialist. The body shop will have set parts in stock, or you can look for specific parts that they can ship in for you. These body parts are more unique but you have to wait 3 days real-time before the item is shipped to the body shop.

There will be abandoned cars in the UK, if you find an abandoned car then you will be able to tow it back to one of your houses and you can restore the car to make it look brand new. Restoration is cheaper than buying the car but it will still cost money to restore the car. The abandoned cars will be put in hidden places so the user will have to search all over the UK to find them, there will be over 150 abandoned cars and they can vary from cheap cars such as VW Golf Mk1 Gti to Ferrari 250 GTO.

When you have completed the game and become the number 1 racer in the UK NPC’s will challenge you daily and you will earn money from beating them, you will still be racing for sponsors and the championship for the races will re-occur over and over again so there is always an objective that you can do and always a way to earn large amounts of money. The championships you can drive in are: F1 championship, F2 championship, F3 championship, British touring car championship, Santa Pod drag championship, Destruction Derby, Alfa Romeo Championship, Saloons & Sportscar Championship, British GT Championship, Caterham Tracksport Championship, Formula Ford 1600cc Championship, Mazda MX-5 Championship, Ford Fiesta Championship, TVR Challenge, Ford Racing Series Super Mighty Minis Championship, Production GTi Championship, Porsche Championship and Volkswagen Racing Cup.

You can access different tracks in your car while on free roam; some of the tracks you can access are Oultonpark circuit, Thruxton circuit and the most famous Silverstone circuit. When driving around the track the game will save your top 10 times and you are able to make time save folders for example say you have a slow car and you still want to save the time you can make a folder and save the time in the folder which you can access at any of your houses.

Brilliant idea, but I don’t think T10 is capable of making this.

I like it. As a future game developer hoping to own my own company one day, I have put a lot of thought into different styles of games, especially racing. A lot of this kind of thing is what I thought of as well.

As for “Xbox TurnOff xD” (nice troll name btw), I think Turn 10 could easily be capable of doing this kind of game. But they won’t for 2 simple reasons.

1.) They purely focus on Motorsport racing games. Not open world styled. Maybe Playground Games could do this type of thing with Horizon, but they won’t.

2.) This would take longer than 2 years to create. Probably 4 years +.

It isn’t that they couldn’t though, they just wouldn’t.

One problem I could see with this game though is trying to get the photorealism out of a game this big. It would cost a lot to put together and could cause for licensing issues. I would buy this game in a heart beat, but it would probably have to run on PC to be this big. At the moment Xbox One and PS4 probably wouldn’t be able to run a photorealistic game of this magnitude until the end of the console’s life cycle due to the limited knowledge on the architectures currently.

Edit: I think this would be easier to do with fake cars if you really want to meet a 2000 car limit. Cars like in Burnout or something, but with more realistic physics. I guess GTA would actually be a better example. But getting 2000 real cars into a game would be hard to near impossible at the moment.

It’s a really cool idea, but it’s way beyond the scope of what any developer can make now.

It’s Horizon but done on the largest scale possible, which would certainly help out on the accounts where Horizon didn’t feel as good. Open world is good for exploration, but only if you can really get a sense of exploring. If the map’s not big enough, why explore? So the concept is solid to begin with.

2000 cars doesn’t really need to be explained. Even if there were “duplicates” like what Gran Turismo has; it would still be an awesome list. That was the other big problem I felt Horizon had; the list was small enough that there was variety, but not really choice within that variety (I’m not doing a good job explaining, so I’ll stop).

These two things alone, even without racing, would make a fantastic car game. But creating them would take too long with current technology. GT6 might have started breaking that ground with their GPS track creator, but a game like what you’ve described is a long way off.

the game is meant to be futuristic as a gamer myself i know it could never work, but my idea has to stay realistic so the cars have to be proper branded cars ect. and im guessing to be at the pinical of technology a games company will have to go to every road in the uk too test for camber of the roads, width of the road length of the road down to the millimeter and yes… POTHOLES. i hope i am right in saying this but if that game ever came out anyone who loved cars will buy it unless they didnt have the money… i would pay £100 for the game and i would buy all dlc :slight_smile: thanks for helping me in my work

I would pay even more than that, because it would be pretty much the end-all in driving games.

That is a very interesting concept, but there are a few points that you would need to delve more on and/or reconsider.
-Online Racing - What could one do as far as online racing goes?
-Sponsorships - I’m pretty sure aftermarket tuner companies (or any company) wouldn’t advocate and sponsor illegal street racing…
-Focus - The focus is to be “UK’s number 1 street racer”, yet we’re racing on tracks and have full-on championships too? Not that I have a problem with that, but if its street racing…
-Championships - Kind of biased if there really would be 2000 cars, limiting only to certain racing classes and a handful of manufacturers, not a wider spectrum. Nothing from Chevrolet, Dodge, Fiat, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Nissan, Opel…not even Toyota or Honda?
-A.I. - Specifically concerning traffic cars, are they going to be robot-like and follow the exact same lines, exact same speeds, only a few traffic cars etc. or will there actually be a much more “human” element to them? There are some good drivers out on the streets and some that shouldn’t have a license. Will the A.I. reflect this? Will there be for example a Ferrari A.I. that actually floors it down a street because he/she has a Ferrari?
-Damage, Fuel Consumption, Tire Wear, General Car Performance - What will the damage be like? Will we be able to run out of gas? Functional gas stations? Will cars actually reflect their true MPGs? (Prius would last a while, Hummer would need filling up every hour) Actual realistic tire wear? Could we get oil changes to improve performance?
-Weather - Will there be dynamic weather (raining, fog, snow, etc.) and will it actually have an impact on driving? Can we buy specific rain/snow/whatever tires?
-Garage Space - Will there be enough for all 2000+ cars?
But I digress. Not my idea of a game, after all.

Points I like:
-Realistic graphics - Needs no explanation.
-Actual layout of UK - I think that would be incredible to see the UK exactly like how it really is; from every single street name to what buildings are where…truly incredible. It would take a while to do, but I wouldn’t say impossible; Rockstar and Team Bondi were able to recreate 8 square miles of 1947 L.A. in L.A. Noire with relative accuracy.
-Large Map - Needs no explanation.
-Abandoned Cars - Needs no explanation.
-Races can be miles away - GOOD! THANK YOU!

Overall, I think it is an excellent idea, and if the game were to actually exist and come out tomorrow, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

I think it’s a great idea however it probably would take way too long to make, and probably cost alot too, resulting in a high purchase price, however many people would definitely buy it, including myself