An idea for the next Forza Motorsport

Forza 6 in my opinion is a good game, not great but good. It has huge highs but also some very low lows. Alot of people ask for basically a remastered version of forza 4 as the next title and I agree, that’d be awesome, but I feel that the idea I have could change the franchise forever if they could incorporate it.

The idea I have revovles mainly around the in game credit system. Having a lot of cars/tracks is beyond cool, it’s one of, if not my favorite thing about forza. But hear me out…

Forza is almost a true sim, and the term “simulator” refers to its driving physics and all that jazz. Now imagine if they “simulated” the money it takes to be in motorsports. In my mind, this is the missing cog in the wheel. In forza 6 money is not an issue what so ever, I believe I have something like 120 million credits and of course there are people that blow my credit amount out of the water. I even started out the game with I think over a million credits because of playing previous forza titles, so buying cars has literally never been an issue for me or most serious forza players.

Getting to the point, what if everything in the game cost money? You also don’t start out the game with a ridiculous amount of cash, you have to grind out money to start in the lowest class at the beginning of the career mode. You pick your first car, something very cheap and grind races for money then eventually buy upgrades to your current car or, if you have the funds, buy a better car all together. The main part of my idea is the cost to repair your car, and the cost to enter events. I would like the game to have a kind of “Ironman” mode to it. Meaning you totaled your car in a race, even if you turn your Xbox off, you will be charged to repair your car. This would also happen in multiplayer races, making people drive more carefully because they don’t want to waste their hard earned credits on brutal car repairs. And when I say brutal car repairs, I mean it. Like if you mess up the bumper on a Ford fiesta it will cost you $1,000 but if you mess up the front bumper on a Ferrari F-50 it’ll cost you $15,000. Add up the repairs with a more realistic purse for placing in races and you have a recipe for safer/better/ and more realistic driving.

The other thing would be the cost of entering events. As you progress in the career the price to enter events goes up, and same with multiplayer. If you’re racing D class multiplayer it would cost $250 credits to enter and you might earn something like $2,000 if you win. If you enter a formula 1 style event it might cost you $7,500 to enter an event but you might receive 100,000 for winning.

If you can’t afford to repair your car, then you can still have the option to race the car but it will continue to have the damage that wasn’t repaired. If you can’t afford to enter an event then you simply can’t enter it and need to drive in lower more affordable events in order to make enough money to enter the others.

The whole idea is to make credits much harder to earn, thus making the career mode and multiplayer more indulgent. Make it actually feel like you are in control of your destiny as a professional racer. I also can’t stress enough how much multiplayer would benefit from this. Just think about it guys and thanks for listening!

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don’t like the idea. There are games out there that implement this sort of idea but forza is just not one of them. It’s an arcade-sim racer meant to appeal to the masses, not straight up hardcore simulation. It’s kind of like the difference between battlefield and arma, with forza being the battlefield in this case. While it has realistic aspects to it, it was never meant to be a full on sim and simply wouldn’t work if it where converted to one.
For example : All I care about are hypercars and driving them. I could care less about grinding out for cars, I could care less about driving other cars and being forced to start with a slow one would only hinder my enjoyment, I don’t want to constantly have to micromanage my cars, I’m simply here to drive my dream cars ( at least, the ones implemented in the game. Still waiting for that zonda revolucion t10 ), and race them on the occasion. Everything you want would be a hindrance to my enjoyment. Not to mention I don’t want to spend hours on a game, I have other things to do so spending my time in forza doing the only thing I bought forza for is the best way for me to play it.

It would be fine if it where an option, perhaps a “hardcore” mode, but it should not be changed for the masses.

Oh almost forgot too mention, too lazy to go in-depth but changing the game so drastically would also be terrible for the games sales and marketing.

That would be nearly impossible to do, your making the game 10x harder than it should be, I can see not having the game give you tons of money in the beginning, but your talking about basically having to scrape enough money together to even buy a decent car to race in MP, so what you would accomplish with this

MP would be dead, no one would play it because no one really could play it
Alot of people don’t have time to spend to race the 50 races to get ONE car
Good job, you’ve also made it so that it’s impossible to get a good car without having to spend money, so it becomes a pay to play game, not a good idea at all

Also, it’s not a “simulater.” If it was a real SIM, damage would be much more realistic, you would have damage like in the grid games, you couldn’t cut the track and get away with it, you couldn’t purposely smash people, you couldn’t do really anything that the game allows you to do, are you sure your ready for forza to take “the simulator” bull seriously? Because I seriously bet you wouldn’t like it

I would like to see something similar available too. Perhaps not as the main focus of the game , but as an option. There could easily be a casual career mode and a competitive career mode, and a player could have a game save in both modes.
For the reasons pointed out above, it would be difficult to swing the franchise so drastically and focus solely on hard core, simulation like racing, because it would alienate a lot of casual players, who are a major demographic when it comes to marketing the game. Turn 10 and Microsoft Studios have to be real creative and inclusive in their approach to development of the game. Too much in any one direction could, realistically, result in end of the franchise.
Somebody once said “You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time. But you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”


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Yeah, but it sounds like he’s just saying it needs to be forced on every driver, it would be the death of forza

It’s hard to say if it would be the death of Forza, or not. It might attract a whole new crowd of serious racers.
I can remember people saying drifting would ruin Forza. Then, when the Tag/Virus, Football and Autocross were added, more people said the same thing. Some said Autovista was the end…

I don’t think the OP meant it as something to be forced on anyone. It’s not always easy to convey your exact idea and meaning in written text. I would think you would understand that, since some took your thread idea the wrong way.

I’m sure this thread should probably be in a wish list thread, if it hasn’t already been moved.


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Hey man thanks for the positive response. Honestly It would take me about 7-10 minutes to thoroughly explain my concept in voiced speech haha. So to write it down in less than 10 mins, obviously I couldn’t express the whole thing. You are right though, you will never know who will be attracted to what and until actually built and tested we will never know. Maybe I should get into the video game development business? I dunno if the degree in history I’m working for covers that though lol.

I can definitely see where you guys are all coming from. I’m a huge video game fan and I enjoy all types of games, my favorite type of game in specific is RPG titles where you are forced to micro manage some things. That was one of the angles I was trying to hit in this post, adding a “sorta” RPG type element to the game using micromanagement. You guys are correct though, it would definitely scare some of the more casual gamers away from the scene and most likely hurt sales. FYI I’m not the type of guy who hates on the so called “filthy casuals” and I don’t consider myself any better than anyone who might not game as hard as I do. I just thought adding the strategy/RPG/micromanagement element into the game would be awesome, I love that stuff.

To the guy who asked if I really thought I was ready for a true sim racer, my answer is yes, I would love the challenge it would bring. And on top of that, if my idea was implemented into the true sim I would love it that much more.

To each his own, and I respect all of your opinions. I will continue to play forza with absolutely zero complaint. Love the game, love the franchise.

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Oh yeah one last thing. I am talking about in game credits, not real currency. No pay-to-play BS

…and now you see just a small sampling of why creating a game that everyone likes is so difficult.

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You couldn’t be more right dude haha