Museum Heist! EventLab Creation (New reduced props version available)

This is the second of what I will characterize as highly detailed, extensive interior routes. This one is designed for a single player versus an AI drivatar. It’s not a typical “race”. You do need to beat the other vehicle to the finish line, but there are additional objectives you must achieve along the way. Crossing the finish line without achieving the objectives will only earn you second place.

The full event trailer is here:
Museum Heist! Full Trailer

The four objectives are as follows:

First: Get to the museum’s loading dock. Do this in the most efficient manner you can. That is, take shortcuts. The loading dock is accessed from from a lower road.

Second: Find and enter the vault. This will be more challenging with the drive line off. Even more challenging if you turn the map off. It’s not a maze, but the route isn’t always obvious. There are not big glowing arrows to point you in the right direction. You will obviously lose time if you end up at dead ends.

Third: Grab loot from the vault by smashing treasure chests. Scoring is based on the number of chests “collected”. However, you must at least find (smash) the treasure chest with the secret file in order to win.

Fourth: Avoid all contact with the other vehicle and beat it to the rendezvous point (finish line).

The original intent was to have the player compete in a Mini to match the original movie. I decided later that it didn’t matter. You can also select your own car class. It turns out that most of the time the other driver is easily paralyzed by simple things and doesn’t pose much of a challenge. They are nearly useless in a D class car. But they do occasionally make it through the course. So don’t get too complacent.

Just one other word of advice. Don’t plow through all the loot at once. You won’t get credit for all the chests. That’s not my design. its just the way the game works.

Feel free to explore. Even spaces off the formal race route are thoughtfully detailed. And yes, there’s a way to get into the exhibit areas of the upper museum if you have a decent vehicle with good ground clearance. Besides displaying the usual Forza props, I even added my own art exhibit in one of the lower galleries.

Above all, have fun! This might be your only chance to race around inside a fancy museum in your car or truck. C’mon. You know you want to.

Share Code: 553-051-093 (original full props version)

NEW REDUCED PROPS VERSION Share Code: 115-552-583

posting so i don’t forget to play this later.

Edit - Your code doesn’t work rip

Petrolhead55823 - Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The original share code still works for me. I successfully ran the event today. But if you are having an issue, then others probably are too. When I opened the race file today, the props budget was at 104%. That’s not what it was when I made it. I deleted some of the non-essential props and saved an alternate version closer to 80%.

New share code is 115-552-583. See if this helps.

I suppose that could explain the low number of uses. This is mostly experimental so I’m not crushed if folks don’t like my events. It’s much more upsetting that over a month’s worth of work on this event has probably gone unappreciated because of Forza design flaws.

Okay it works now, at first i didn’t understand why the race kept finishing until i realised you’re not supposed to touch the other player haha.

The rules you set up all worked really well; i can’t imagine how much coding you had to do for it all to come together but it was a lot of fun.

off topic slightly but i like stalking people’s creative hubs and i had a look at some of your photos andi think you have some explaining to do lol

Oh. Yeah. That. If you looked at some of the other photos, then you can appreciate this was sort of a means to en end.

Thanks for trying the event. I’m glad it finally works. When making use of the Rules of Play it’s hard to communicate everything in the event description. I have to confess I don’t always read the descriptions myself. The video explains it, but players can’t get to see that from the game. I expected to get a lot of “dislikes” from folks who beat the other car to the finish line, but only get second place because they didn’t stop to get the file from the vault. In fact, that’s why I thought it wasn’t getting played.

My next event will be better because you get first place even if you don’t follow the instructions. It would have been ready now, but I somehow ended up at 134% of prop budget literally overnight. I need to selectively delete props now. Hopefully soon.