Multiplayer Request - Forza Horizon 4

Making the request for Ranked playlist and unranked playlist to divide/breakup the gametypes.

I want to race on the roads, not across the map through the trees.
When 2/3rds races allow for off the course driving it’s odd.
I understand your population is low, but please offer a playlist for each style of racing. Ok to combined road races.

I would play your game a lot more if this was done. Thanks.

We can already tell from custom adventure what people want - road, S1, no freeroam rush, ghosted. Sadly, they seem to not care that you, me, and many others would play their game a lot more if we could do this in ranked.

open a ticket at the support site

you talk like you think that the devs will read it here, which is highly doubtful

The devs should read it here though, it’s their fault if they don’t. That’s just a bad policy.

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You talk like you believe that raising a support ticket will result in changes when we all know from experience that this is not the case.

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