Ranked adventures have unfair playlists

First of all there are no votes, okay we get it. But what is meaning behind putting S2 in off-road cross country races, that too, in winter? This is just utter rubbish. Everyone crashing into everyone, no one is organized, there’s no fair play but only foul play. If you don’t give us voting then atleast make viable playlist for us. This is totally unacceptable.


Freeroam rush in RANKED is very bad idea. It is fun but when peoples rank depend on it, it was a bad idea and should be removed immediately. The reason why you have to wait for a ranked match is because people really don’t wanna play it in ranked. Also random off-road races when you wanted to race on road. And there you are stuck in a long race upside down leaning on a tree thinking what you said wrong yesterday to get this punishment.


Plus, if you win all your races solo, and your team is terrible and gets swept, your rank goes down?!? How is that any indication of true ranking? Maybe ditch the teams and have it be ranked on solo performance?

And as touched on earlier, there’s an easy fix for people slamming into you while you’re leading and braking for a hard corner… If the braking line is red, disable their collision like is done while going too slow.

Plus, seriously… Outsource your netcode. It is pretty brutal. Wait forever to join sessions… finding an adventure often takes more than 5 minutes before it even starts, if it starts at all.

If you care about longevity, you’re going to have to seriously fix the multiplayer aspect of this game. I’ve finished nearly every solo aspect of the game, and I’m having a really hard time enjoying multiplayer.

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There’s so much wrong with this game.

In the past 3 days, every single one of my ranked matches have been in S2. And winter.

I ranked down to 17 from 14 just for this S2 Adventure in offroad races. Those who win, win by luck.

I’m so bored of playing cross country in ranked. It comes up way more than 25% like it should. It’s something like 60% for me.

Not to mention the absurdly terrible freeroam rush shoehorned into every championship…