Multiplayer penalty system please!

In all the Forza motorsport games which I loved i hoped for a system who puniches bad driving ramming use cars as brakes etc to get punished in the same race. Like forced drive through , stop an go Penalty and added seconds time penalty.
Please make also races that long so you have to refuel.
And before the race let the people chose how much fuel they can ad.
Aceto Corsa makes this good.
Also befroe the race let people do qualityfine sessions. Which out of that the system calculates how much fuel they have to take for the race.


Mate I totally agree with you, and please, please, please do revise the Ban System, " 3 strikes rule" It’s a “Sim racing Title” not a baseball game…

Three strikes, or three-strikes law, is a criminal sentencing structure in which significantly harsher punishments are imposed on repeated offenders. Three-strikes laws generally mandate a life sentence for the third violation of violent felonies.

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three strikes | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

This dose not apply to enjoyable Gaming :unamused:

Better match making based on HOW WELL PLAYERS RACE would be a good start. Basing everything on only an arbitrary score based on finishes and general positions per race doesn’t say enough about the player/driver. We need to be separated based on how often the player initializes a collision, what type of collisions they caused, and their general finishing conditions post collision.

Someone who tries to race without causing mayhem shouldn’t be paired with someone from the wrecking crew, just because they have the same number of wins and losses in their record. There’s more to a driver than just W’s vs. L’s. FM7 may have something like that built in, but it never appeared to be evident when running multi-player. Heck even in the Forza Regulations races, there were griefers in just about every race I played.

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If you want serious multiplayer then you’re better off with Assetto Corsa Competizione or Gran Turismo 7. Forza is not a serious racer, it’s the Call of Duty and Fortnite equivalent of racing games. We can’t expect truly serious multiplayer racing here, unfortunately.

Then at least one sale is lost