Move the Open Class Tour to the Featured tab

So with each new update to the game we get a new/refreshed open class tour right? So i was thinking wouldn’t it be better if instead of going over to the builder’s cup menu and scrolling aaaaall the way down to find it we could maybe have it moved up to the featured tab?

Shouldn’t the most recent content additions be displayed upfront, where we can see them? I bet there’s players that dont even realize the open tour is getting refreshed. And it just doesn’t make sense having it hidden away like this.

Was my suggestion considered or is this just a coincidence?

The latest update:

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Yes, thank you for your suggestion @Scubadubba6524

Update 8 included this change:

Migrated the Open Class Tour in Career from the Builders Cup tab to the Featured tab. The Open Class Tour will be found in the Featured tab going forward.

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