More Than One Track Per Update

It would be really nice if we got more than one update per track.

I don’t think update will include a track.

They’ve had 6 years…

Astonihing is the decontented mess T10 released half baked. All of these fans deserve an explanation,Not a dripfeed / keep he game on life support. No wonder Dan and Chris have gone silent. Let them vent and hope they listen

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Thanks for the work my friend, you said exactly what I was hesitant to post about the hyperbole memes centered around ‘built from the ground up’ and the untruths and half truths being told about the Gt7 game. You nailed it !!! Sony’s game is full of recycled content as well, it just easier to join in and complain it seems for some people, than to actually open their eyes and do some critical analysis before commenting. Once again thanks for taking the time to clarify all the Bull that’s been posted around here about the GT7/FM23 comparisons and much more too.

If I open my eyes any more, I’m going to start screaming like Michael McDowell in A Clockwork Orange.

Forza still doesn’t look any better. They lost this fight, and they lost it bad.


what makes you qualified on this subject?


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A track per update at least would be a decent move. At least being open enough with the players to let us know what tracks are coming and when to expect them.


As always, some (more?) transparency from the devs regarding their track release schedule would be nice. Not necessarily which tracks to expect, but just so we know that we have something new to look forward to.

How could that be a bad thing? Are they that afraid of not being able to stick to it? Have too many programmers jumped ship, and is that the reason that they won’t disclose anything worthwhile?

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Next track coming at update 11.0 .

Past experience has taught T10 that if they actually make promises - the people who buy their product do this irritating thing where they expect those promises to be true.

As such - going forwards, T10 is following a strict no promises radio silence policy - because that way those pesky irritating customers don’t do something unreasonable like expect what they were promised.