More radio issues

I’ve posted before about not being able to change the radio station, now I can’t get skill songs to play at all. Nothing. I’ve changed every setting I can think of. Reset everything to default, and then back again.

Has anyone had any radio-related issues lately? Whether this one or any different ones at all? It seems like I’m on a bit of an island here, which is rare for me, to be one of the rare cases of glitches or bugs.

Super annoying when tying to farm skills so I appreciate anyone chiming in.


Hi there. You are in a good (and large enough) company.
I also have issues with the radio, i.e., it seems impossible to adjust the volume so to make it louder.
To be honest, working on the audio levels brings very little changes, so it must be something related to FH5’s entire audio management system…
I’m playing on an Xbox One X…