More customization

this game needs more body parts for all cars , and we need more rims , superspin please remove $5,000

Dev feedback: As requested we have removed $5000 rewards from superwheel spins and replaced them with $50 rewards.

$50 rewards why you can’t Igor’s anything with that

are you trying to make it more disappointing

idk, i like choosing the custom aero, like on the older nissans/toyota’s to name a few… but tbh… one i choose, i think next time i get one i’ll make the other type… but never do… think i have 2 duplicates… it would become tedious in the end for many cars
but yes, a small choice would be nice… just to suit the car… front/rear/side skirts
the rear wing 1 type is very disappointing on most cars, i work hard on suspension settings to try not to use it, some cars make that very awkward…
but aero can ruin the car often unless its S1 or above… some S1 dont need it all around…
A free or very low PI cost choice would be appreciated if it didnt affect the stats too much