Is there any plans for more variety in rear wings, and car parts? it lacks right now

i almost always find i can’t customize my car enough…i don’t understand, forza horizon 4 had the same rear wings, now fh5 does too. is it difficult for the devs to implement more rear wings at least? or have not enough players suggested it? i really think if we had more choice in car customization, parts, rear wings, aero parts other than the rear wings, maybe different sizes of tires…like big tires, or small ones…the game would keep me and others coming back. there really isn’t enough variety i believe. i’ve been a forza player for years since forza 1 on xbox original, i bought forza motorsport 3, 4, horizon 1, 2, i skipped horizon 3, went to forza motorsport 7, barely got to play 7 before it was shutting down basically, they had moved onto new forza’s. all in all, i guess i just would like to see more choice added to the one good forza game (fh5) i like, i like it more than the other forza games. anyone else feel the same about the rear wings? having the same rear wing on lots of cars gets old fast (for me). rear wings are my biggest complaint at the moment. we need more! please and thank you! (:smile:

before anyone says “search, it might already be out there”…i did, amongst the crowded mess of the internet, i found it to be difficult. my eyes are horrible so sorry (:smile:

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Well, it does exist…