Moorland Way drift zone

How the hell am i gonna finish this most ANNOYING drift zone?

I always end in 70-80k and sometime between 90-92k but NEVER higher …

I already finished all another droft zones but this one is make me soooo mad, bad mood, VERY ANGRY

Agreed…did all the others. I’m struggling to get more than 75k

Its definitely doable by non drifters. I did them all last night.

I will check what car I used when I get home.

A few of them required me to try different tunes and I also learnt a lot more throttle control than I have learnt through racing.

Formula Drift Nissan 240SX #777 Worked fine for me twice in a row

This one also gave me some headaches. Took me about an hour and finally did it with the FD Mustang.

I’m no good at drifting - I’ve so far managed 91,515 on that particular drift zone. To be fair I just wanted to get to level 10 in the drift zone. So just 3 starred enough of the rest of the zones to be able to do that. That took me a couple of evenings gaming. It’s seems you’re very close - you only need 95k for 3 stars so if you’re sometimes getting 92k that’s literally a little bit more speed or a bit more angle for a bit longer.

It may depend on how much drifting you do as to how annoying they are. I found them all fairly challenging because I just don’t attempt to drift normally. But I’m sure regular drifters will have completely the opposite view where they think they are way too easy as they are.

You can’t please everyone to be fair. If they’re really annoying you, move on to another challenge for a bit and come back to them.