Drift Zones Scores

I can’t say I am a god or good at drifting, but I try and I can succeed with practice. But I am having a heck of an issue with S-Bends and Moorland Way. I’ve passed the others with little issues. But these 2 I can’t get 3 stars on.

Anyone have suggestions?

That the one by the construction site on the Yorkshire moor? That one made me swear, a lot. I used the Dodge viper formula drift car, or Hoonicorn if you don’t have that car pack. Set to manual shifting and never leave 3rd gear (even after standstill), turn off traction control and stability control ofc. On the short straight before the first turn don’t try to do a cheeky little drift before the corner, maximise the corner itself. Practice, practice, take a break, practice.

S-bends took me a long time. I’ve got all the assists off, but I’ve never been comfortable with manual shifting on Forza Horizon compared Forza Motorsport, so that probably hinders me a bit.

I couldn’t get anywhere near the score going uphill, I had to go down the hill to beat it, and it took a long time compared most of the other drift zones which only take 1 try. I’ve found the trick is to go into the zone already drifting sideways, and then change direction at the first bend which kicks out the back of the cars and gives you a lot more momentum to go round each bend in one smooth movement

Moorland Way drift zone should be lowered to 90k … 95k is way too impossible
im sooo frustrated right now ONLY because of Moorland Way drift zone is sooo annoying one

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I cannot stand the reset time on the drift zones. You have to wait for it to go through all of the score junk, or leaderboard, or “failed” to go away otherwise it doesn’t show your point tally. How about reversing it. If i want to see that junk then i’ll wait, but if i want to start the zone immediately, start the darn point cointer and cancel the other fluff.

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