Monthly PAID DLCs outside of Car Pass. No option to purchase all Car Packs together with full game

The amount of money required to own all DLC packs outside of the Premium Bundle, whic is already more than double the price of te base game, is frankly ridiculous at this point.

I believe, like may others, that people who own the full game, paid for the Premium bundle should have some amount of dlc cars gifted to them.

I believe paying more than double the price of the base game to get the expansions and the car pass, should enable to get a certain amount of , if not all, future DLCs for your car pass.

A new to FORZA player, just like veterans, will assume (the name says it all) that the Car Pass would entitle them to some if not all DLCs as part of their expensive purchase.

I understand supporting the game post launch and having revenue. But ethicality and honesty matters.

Resorting to monthly car packs is simply way greedy, slimy and scummy when you have already paid so much money for FH5’s premium with car pass, two expansions and VIP.

This has been a long time coming, and now it’s gotten to the point where this is simply too much!

People who paid for the FULL GAME have to be entitled to most of not all car packs- as a reward of loyalty for paying more than DOUBLE the price of a base game and supporting your studio.

My request, is to improve the Car Pass for the next title, by offering at least the first year of DLC cars in it.

Secondly, give us the option to buy the COMPLETE game so we have the option to not bother with the monthly microtransactions.


Paid car packs outside of the Car Pass have been a Forza feature for many iterations.


Expect people telling you that “$5” is a small price to pay for “a couple of good cars” when the top version of the game already costs $100, and that “you’re poor” or whatever else. I don’t understand why anyone is defending these practices. My friend even made an incomplete comparison of FH4 vs FH5 DLC values:

FH4 Ultimate ($100):

  • FH4
  • Welcome Pack (8 cars)
  • Car Pass (42 cars)
  • Bond Car Pack (10 cars)
  • FD Car Pack (7 cars)
  • VIP (3 cars)
  • both expansions (14 cars)

not included:

  • HW Legends (6 cars, $12)
  • Barrett-Jackson (7 cars, $7, INCLUDED WITH CAR PASS)
  • Mitsubishi (7 cars, free)
  • Pre-Order (5 cars, unobtainable)

DLC for $100: 107 cars
total DLC car amount: 118 cars
total car amount: 752 cars

FH5 Premium ($100)

  • FH5
  • Welcome Pack (5 cars)
  • Car Pass (42 cars)
  • VIP (3 cars)
  • both expansions (18 cars)

not included:

  • Race Day car pack (4 cars, $5)
  • Italian Exotics (7 cars, $8)
  • Superfast car pack (4 cars, $5)
  • American car pack (4 cars, $5)
  • FastX (5 cars, $10)
  • Chinese Lucky Stars (4 cars, $5)
  • European Automotive (4 cars, $5)
  • Race-Off (4 cars, $5)

DLC for $100: 58 cars
other DLC for $46: 39 cars

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Yet Horizon 4 featured only 2, with one of them becoming free if you owned the Car Pass, which was included in the Ultimate Edition. One of the best things that game did, one of the only good ones really.

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This battle pass-style monthly PAID DLC packs is frankly too much!

I understand that if all of the car models were remodeled and the effort was put in to raise the quality of the game or working on the next title, I will be happy to support it - by buying your full game for more than a $120 dollars with most of not all DLCs

But not like this when we’ve paid so much for the full game and all the past monthly DLCs in FH5, PAID DLCs that is with inaccurate car model or poor quality controls

There has to be a balance, fairness and ethicality to game development.

For a game that is close to 3 years old, the price charged for the Car Pass, its duration and amount of cars provided is simply insufficient and outrageous.

There has to be an option for people to buy the full game - with all DLC packs included.

As a FORZA newcomer, give the option to pay for the whole game which included the ultimate edition + all DLCs till date.


Don’t buy them

It’s not like events are locked behind dlc cars.

Everything included in he ultimate edition was clearly spelt out and you got everything included.


“Option to buy all content”.
They have done that before at End of Life.


Gotta say for those of us who have to have every car in the game it’s cost a few $'s. Not just buying the game and paid DLC’s but also having to lash out on: Forza themed game controller with exclusive Ford car, OPI Ford that I got by having to buy nail polish, Oreo car buying Oreo’s.

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That’s a part of the issue. Once the included DLC is all released, there shouldn’t be a second amount of it for a much higher price. The price of $/car is substantially higher with those post-launch Packs than any DLC included in FH5 Premium. Had they made a Car Pass 2, the issue would’ve been smaller because most likely the price of it would’ve been the same as the actual Car Pass, and so we would’t be overpaying per car.

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All Ads-Ons Bundles have been a thing since at least Motorsport 5 and they were available for a lot longer than just the last few months of the game’s life. Better yet, they were discounted for that final month, whereas the post-Premium Car Packs are not included in any bundle, and aren’t even discounted outside of a static 10% Game Pass discount.

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There was an all add-ons bundle for Horizon 2. I thought they did it with FM6 and FH3 too, but my memory could be wrong.


Yes, FM5, FH2 and FM6 had it. I don’t remember FH3 having it though, and certainly no later Forza game did. At this point the least PG could do is combine all post-Premium packs for a second Car Pass with a lower price.

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The car packs don’t worth the money. they just have got a way to sell some useless piece of metals with one or max two good cars through these car packs. no extraordinary cars like bolide,revuelto or others through car packs. n the qualities of the dlc cars are also not good at all…no attention to details…aim is just to get more n more money…not worth it.

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And then you have this!

I do not understand the logic for DLC sometimes! .

Essentially, people who own both Motorsport and FH5 games have paid twice for these cars! Car Pass in FM & Apex Allstars Racing Car Pack in FH5

2015 Cadillac #3 Cadillac Racing ATS-V.R

2019 Ferrari #62 Risi Competizione 488 GTE

2018 #63 Squadra Corse Huracán Super Trofeo Evo

2018 Mercedes-AMG GT3


And then you have cars that are free in one game but are charged for in another!?

2018 BMW M8 GTE (Standard in FM - PAID DLC in FH5)
AM Valkyrie AMR Pro (Car Pass PAID DLC in FM - standard in FH5)
Automobile Pininfarina Battista (Standard in FM - PAID DLC in FH5)

Frankly, this is very wrong and I request your review your DLC strategy.

It’s surface-level thinking

The game literally puts you in the buying posture, and even if you’re not interested, you’ll feel slighted for not enjoying all the content, especially as the lobbies fill up with these models when they’re released.
You’re being pressured to buy, and not realising it is a sign of the addiction you’re falling into.

This is not unique to Forza, but it is increasingly borrowing from the commercial practices associated with JVs.