Why it’s hard to earn money in the FH4. If I have worked hard this much in the real life. I can actually afford one :smiley:

Does anyone feels the same?

That’s true. The game is not for racing fans but for grinders.

Game throws credits at you from every possible direction.
Also more you got, the more it throws at you.

Personal experience, now that I have max credits, at least half of level up wheel spins throw 100k+ at me.


Money was never a problem in the game for me right from the beginning. I see from your play time that you’ve only just started the game and have hardly played it. If you play it, you will get lots of credits. If you’re bored of the game after 90 mins of playing then maybe it isn’t the game for you.


If you got FH4 early in its life it was easy to make money, it might be harder now. I made most of my money selling the GT40 in the auction. You could buy it for 5 Million, and sell it for 20 Million. Those days have gone.

This only worked if you had the legendary painter or tuner status that would allow you to set the 20M sell price. I did this a few months ago with the '96 Impala. You could buy it for ~300K and sell it for 20M, and it didn’t even have to be a terrific paint job. Who would pay 20M for a '96 Impala? Bots would. They just blindly send keystrokes to buyout cars as they pop up at full price, whatever that price might be. I would imagine you could do this with just about any exclusive car that regularly has no sales listed in the auction house.

No the GT40 sold for 20 Million for anyone, that’s why I picked that car.

If you want to make quick money effortlessly play the weekly challenges that give rewards of exclusive cars, then list them on the auction house. Certain cars will sell for big money and can be listed for high prices even if you do not have a high tuner or painter tier. I won a Bugatti Divo last week and put it on the auction house for the minimum buyout which was 8,600,000 credits and it sold in under 5 minutes even though Turn10 was literally giving them away for free at the same time. Plus you will get wheelspins and super wheelspins for your efforts while you complete the challenges as well. I can make 20-30 million credits a week only playing a few hours every week with this strategy.

The above, plus, there are numerous money races which are designed just to churn credits. So, take a little time. A month in, I had enough to buy any but the highest cost cars…and enough cars to compete in any of the challenges. It doesn’t take long. If you want millions…well, then you need to grind or be patient. I’m sorry for you if this is considered working hard. Apparently I have been doing things the wrong way in my life. lol

If you think making money in this game is hard, then you’ve never done an honest day of hard work in your life. This game tosses you money and new cars hand over fist for the most basic of tasks. Are you not spinning your wheelspins or something?

FH3 was downright stingy compared to this game. No big numbers on the spins. No super wheelspins. Buying a supercar felt like a real accomplishment in that game. Not saying I necessarily preferred that, but in 4 I past the point where money had any meaning a long time ago.


LOL, it looks like a new standard for many people here. That’s sad. Money is easy to earn and Playlist is fun. I get it…

Luckily we’re all different.
Spending 1 to 2 hours in whole week, to do complete whole playlist for me is far from any hateful thing to do.
Also considering I had everything there is to have after 3 or 4 months of playing the game, not sure earning credits is such a problem.

Yes, I don’t see problems in earning credits, nor I mind doing whole playlist.

Now that means I’m lazy, ow well, so be it (slowly moving mouse pointer to block button).



It’s sad that there are people who like the playlist or simply the fact that someone have a different opinion? Just curious.
Also could you give some examples so others can understand why money is hard to come by in your opinion?


It was a joke. Horizon looks like open-world game for creative people. Playlist is for lazy people. It’s against open-world concept. If you like it, it’s fine but I don’t.

Autoshow is full of 10 million cars. Try to buy 10 of them in first weeks with normal gameplay. Wheelsping is another scam. Horizon is good without it.

I’m confused, so you think you should be able to own most of the most expensive cars within two weeks or so? Without (serious) grinding? Not being able to means the game makes it hard to earn money? I’m not advocating grinding, it’s not typically my thing.

But there are literally hundreds of cars in the game, Only about 15 or so are $10 mil. (Not counting what the Auction House does to pricing) And most of those $10 mil cars are obviously older and collector’s cars. There are certainly cheaper and better ones available to let you enjoy normal gameplay. And I’m a total cheapskate, if I can’t steal in the Auction House, I just don’t get it. The only reason I even have any $10 mil cars is because of the wheelspin thing…and my luck is pretty bad with it. I have all the shirts and shoes I could want though, ugh.

So I guess when I started, I kinda already figured if I wanted the best, the fastest, and the most expensive cars in the game, it would take me a little while. Especially since I can’t play hours on end. But there was more than enough available to me early enough to keep my enjoyment of the game up until I could get some of those cars. And now I have them. I still love driving my hopped up $4000* Gremlin around.

  • Auction price only, not counting upgrades.
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I don’t know, everybody can see it, it’s there. I like my own fun in the game and you can’t earn enough money with it.

My money bonus was from “shorter Goliath” and it was around 200 millions and you know what? It wasn’t enough to have everything. I had many cars before and many didn’t after. Hundreds of wheelspins too. If you think this economy is OK, it’s not real.

But if anybody likes it, it’s OK, but it’s on this forum only, not in real world I guess :smiley:

oh so you were one that used the credits glitch, and you still complain…cheater
i used to think you were ok and had valid points , but now i know you are just another cheat

I get all my credits from wheelspins and one car sell from time to time. And thats about it. Money is really easy to get, Big amounts of money, harder, you just need a little patience, like in almost every single videogame.


i had 200 million and i spent 160 million on the last 60 cars i needed…now i have every car except for 4 pre order cars…

with that said i want my money back after i think 20 days i am at 176 million credit

i have been doing a lot of online adventure team racing…eliminator…each seazon in all 3 area i have vip pass and that gives me 2 super wheel spins to each week…i have 12000 forzathon points i word hard to get every day that took another 20 days…i spent about 1500 on super spins and i am earning it back to 12000…600 to go…i bought a few cars from forzathon points and auctioned them…every car i get in a wheel spin i deny if it extra…every car copy i get in a wheel spin i keep and get rid of my original so that another one pops up in a spin i deny and get the money money money