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For the seasonal championships, I feel like I’m being punished for upgrading a car for a championship (ie the The Real Deal championship with Readonably Priced cars on dirt racing tracks). I have no hope in hell of winning in an upgraded car, I have to use totally stock to have a chance at winning. Anybody else notice this bs [Mod edit - WSD - Profanity and alluding to profanity is against the ToS]

Yes, i’ve noticed them since they live streamed with that’driver’ in a racing setup that did not manged to win. The AI was too far ahead. What a laugh that was.
It is a problem since FM5 i tihnk. They call it a feature but is a fail.

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The AI are matched to your PI so any upgrade make them faster too.
In FH5 they seem a lot faster and more aggresive so will undercut and ram you out of the corner unless you are far enough ahead or take a suboptimal tight line on the approach.

I find what works is just trying to make you car a little more driveable rather than adding power that the AI gets as well.

In this case I would prioritise
4wd car
Rally suspension
Rally diff
Tyres CC/Rally.

I was able to beat it quite comfortably in the base Celica 4wd once I got the hang of the really early braking needed and the drifts / weight transfer.
I was really disappointed that the easiest track to pull away from the AI was the ‘snow covered’ volcano top and I was on stock tyres with TC off, Stab off.
Why even bother putting snow tyres in the game if normal tyres are just fine.

I did it with the stock 92’ Celica by the way. Though the AI was massively cheating with an nearly C600 Nissan Pulsar (C598 performance Ievel I think). Had already tuned C600 cars in that specific car group like the chevy impala but to my surprise I couldn’t choose that to drive. Even though of the drivatars drove one of these (always on third place). With some clean driving (with some slight bumping into the walls sometimes) I managed to win every race, though the last one in the snow was a bit tricky as the avatars all passed by though I had a car with AWD. So I finished the first round of the last race at 12th position but than I come back and passed that Pulsar in the last round…

I found prioritizing power over handling to be the key. I went with the slightly older Celica GT4, left it on stock tires, and added what power I could. Won without a problem.

Couldn’t beat that hot hatch championship, though.

Toyota celiCa was the only car I could manage to win the moderately priced seasonal championship.

There has definitely been some nerfing/tweaking of the AI cars this week.

REWIND is your friend.

Good luck!

We want you to do it (unlike pg games…they don’t).

I’ve Managed to do it easily with a 4L Export with Stock maxed out engine, 4WD, rally tires and suspension, didn’t really needed to break early, but the thing that can save you is the cars acceleration and handling, it’s top speed was low (106 mph), though you can kinda save time by learning well the track, what best trajectory you can do that really saves time.

I did this today in a Celica GT upgraded to C600, tune by ugrundy. It was a cake walk, got past all the drivatars within a few corners and by the end they were miles back, and I was just playing on autopilot while thinking about other things, like I usually do with these boring ‘championships’. The drivatars are terrible of course, you can watch them braking for no reason, they are very badly programmed but welcome to Forza, that’s the standard which is deemed acceptable.

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