Missing features

There seems to be missing things that I think should of been included. As I have run clubs on all Forza Horizons id like to know why FH4 doesnt have a club leaderboard to view. I have had several messages from my members asking where they can view the board and what tier they are in ie platinum, gold, silver, bronze or inactive. This was a really good feature that has been taken away.

  • No option to turn collisions off in group/privet sessions ?

  • Auction house is so slow at reclaiming your cars… it should have a re-auction feature

  • viewing your club or anyone else’s (which looks like an Xbox club now) doesn’t have the position that team is actually in. Instead we have to go to one main leader board and try and view it that way. Lot of hassle.

Why has good things been taken away ?

Not enough development time. Forza 7 had the same problem and shipped with half the advertised features missing, after the backlash it was obviously decided to not make the same mistake again and instead cut everything for launch, then add it as new features in updates later. BTW the auction house: I cannot believe you still have to manually claim your credits/car. There is no reason for why this should be a thing other than it was like this since the auction house was first implemented and nobody ever cared enough to make it into a more user friendly experience. Everything about the auction house in all Forza games is so ten years ago. Just like the livery editor. Just no evolution at all. And now we have come to a point where even the games feel that way. Or, because of development time, are even reduced in features.

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I don’t buy this reasoning. These features were all available in horizon 3. This game was not rebuilt from the ground up, it’s built in top of horizon 3’s foundation. They had to go out of their way to change the club system, the online adventures, the matchmaking, etc. The core of the single player game is rock solid, but they pooped the bed with multiplayer.

Also, there are many indications that the matchmaking is broken, from the long times to set up an adventure to the number of player in horizon life ( never seen more than 40/72, and many times I’ve been in sessions of < 10 players).

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I think the club thing was forced upon them by Microsoft who wanted to push their Xbox Live clubs feature (that barely anyone uses). Just like the Mixer thing (which barely anyone uses). I would not even be surprised if the club leaderboard was there but got removed due to European data regulation (GDPR).

More likely they are spent develpoment time in totally wrong things. So many thinkg in this game is so damn old, auction house, livery editior, car tuning all of those are really close what they was 8 years ago. Solo racing is worst than any other forza game, i pick up x-class hypercar and i have to drive against s2 class focus and audi tt’s and there is not any variation what car ai drivers use and ai is also so really bad in some tracks like goliath where they mess all the time. Clubs are just mutch worst version to older version of clubs. Online racing is worst that i have seen any online racing game. Horizon live connection breaks up after every race etc. I really wondering how this game is get so good review in every place.

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Hoping older features will be added later, it seems quite a lot has been lost since FH3. For the AH, I think they’re just using the old code which can’t really be changed so easily without rewriting the whole thing. Probably a case of ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’. I’m fine with that, I’d rather have a slower AH that works than a bugged out AH that has 20x more problems.

Absolutely agree !

Also… Private adventure, create your own adventure… gives absolutely NO influence. What’s the point in this feature. Me and my members thought great we can all play together without the hassle of other people, TRYING to find a quick play or ranked adventure that takes a million years to get into, to be kicked out of after each adventure is done to find we don’t even get influence. I love FH’s but this one is really not multiplayer friendly!

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LOL, that makes zero sense. The marketing for this game was “you earn influence with however you interact with the game, be it streaming, watching streams, painting, tuning, blueprinting, racing”. And then you can earn 6k influence an hour from not playing the game (Mixer) but 0k influence from actually playing the game. Wow!


I miss the option from Forza Motorsport 4 where u actually can sell your car normally for credits and not just throw it away

Yeah, Private Adventure would be -the- way to play online if it weren’t just a waste of time for no rewards. It would address the crappy event choice of the adventures in FH3 as you choose your own, but we got burnt once and won’t be doing private again.

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