About the Forza Horizon Car Clubs

Alright, so I just wanted to touch base with some of you on here. I wanted to know what you guys think of the car clubs in Fh4 compared to the other games, and how the creators decided to integrate it into the Xbox Club system? Me personally I have never been in a car club in FH4 because it does not work, when I try to join a club I get the, “There was an error communicating with the server.” message. I am also a twitch streamer, and I have a pretty good group of people that play with me on the regular and the question I get the most is “Why don’t you have your own car club?” To which I always to have to respond with how it doesn’t and has never worked for me in this game. It would have been something really cool to do, but on behalf of all of the players that it doesn’t work for including me we are dead in the water when it comes to car clubs.

I have heard from other players that the car club is basically a useless feature in the game since it isn’t like the older Horizon games where you could store cars and drive other club members cars around without much of a hassle or get much if any club experience. On the other hand I have had people say that clubs are alright you get a cool tag next to your name, but again you cant do much in a club. I feel like if you are in a car club you should be there to play the game with your clubmates and be able to combine and build on that community of that club, maybe its just me though.

I really hope that the club features in Forza Horizon 5 are a lot more user friendly, rather than them making it so that it ties into Xbox clubs, and it not making a difference to the creators about the multiple amount of posts on this topic. I have been loyal to the Forza Franchise since the second Motorsport game, but when it comes to something as simple as joining a club with your friends or your community and the creators of the game just don’t seem to be bothered by it its a little bit confusing.

So like I said I just wanted the thoughts of what clubs are vs what they used to be from you, the community. Let me know what you think of the current state and how it could be better or worse in your own opinion. :smiley:

  • Shaspert

Clubs are handy for Tuners, and Vinyl creators to display their work, and to get them shared, and also to build up your followers.

Agree that FH3 clubs more fun, weekly contests etc. Fh4 not as much about that, but get some club points and occasionally bonus skills iirc. I’m in club but not really doing much with it.
Miss the old FH3 live drag strip. Super competitive and a lot of fun. I never tried drag racing much until that.
I’ve not really found that in Fh4 either.
If there is, plz post.

I have no idea what the clubs do or are for. Everytime in game i select find a club it says none found.

Clubs were best in the first game, where you could share cars if you chose to with friends…I’m not sure I even have clicked on the tab for FH4’s clubs…assuming its just an easy way for friends to group up, like an in-game friends list…