Missing Features

I love the Forza games, but when it comes to Horizon I’ve always thought there was obvious (for me at least) features missing from a game based around a car ‘event’ and I thought with the third instalment that these features may just have been included. I’ve played Horizon 3 for a few hours now and it doesn’t seem that way, or I haven’t come across anything yet.

I’ve always thought that that the festival has zero effect on the game, its only purpose is a hub for buying cars, tuning cars, etc. If the festival wasn’t there it would make no difference to the races or what you do in the game. Why isn’t this huge car festival focused on cars? For one, why isn’t the festival at an airfield? Where’s the drag races and drift events that you would find at any kind of car meet or show? Why are there no cars with the hoods up, on show in a hanger or something so you can wander around and maybe even buy. They have forzavista so surely this is doable? This would actually make the festival worth visiting, other than buy, changing or tuning your car, there’s no reason to visit the festival.

I cant say I’ve ever been to a car event where every single dealer under the sun was there selling all of their cars, I’d of thought car dealers and clubs spread around the map would be a better way of obtaining cars and have auctions at the festival for rarer more exotic cars. The career is online, so why not have players selling their own cars or rare cars for other players to buy, go meet a player, test drive their car and if you like it then buy it. This would give players a reason to travel around the map, even when all the events are complete, in the past once, you’ve done everything in the career there is nothing to do in the game, its just a big empty map.

However this is just the opinion of a car enthusiast wanting the perfect driving game for them. If anyone agrees with me let me know. I’d love to see these features in the next game. If I’ve missed something or just not come across anything in Horizon 3 then feel free to correct me!

I agree but there are many things that would need to come first such as actual map design. Driving games need driving roads not a flat desert and a small city. Just give us a huge mountain pass, 30 mile+ highway going through a scenic valley, and windy roads with lots of elevation changes. How can the best map design be in the first game and each game get progressively worse? To much time recording the sky and modeling air conditioning vents i guess.

I’ve not driven enough of the map to give any opinion on how good/bad it is so far, what I have driven so far seems fine, but there’s no reason why both features couldn’t be added in, the technology is there it’s just about the way it’s implemented into the game

I thought this about Car Meets too.
You can pull up to the Car Meets, but it’s just a line of cars.
It would be cool if there’s was say… 20 of the last cars that came to the location lined up. Then you could use the drone to look around them and take photos etc. They could implement the ForzaVista here too, so you could go in depth to each car.

NOW, imagine if they let you do proper customization like under the bonnet and sound systems. Would be amazing!

Yeah that kind of thing is exactly what I mean! Just watched Fast and Furious again last night, something like Race Wars would be perfect!

Sound systems and under the hood…your talking Need for Speed Underground 2 now! Love it haha

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Kinda sad that a game YEARS old, still has better customisation than new games out now!

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Might be because a lot of games these days focus pretty much all their efforts on the graphics.

Speaking of Need for Speed, that reminds me. One thing that’s always bugged me about Forza, when you upgrade an exhaust system, there’s no visual change to the exhaust itself. You can put a race exhaust on a car and it’ll still have a pea shooter! I’ve noticed in this one too that cars with no exhaust mods shoot flames, I have a standard Range Rover with no exhaust upgrades and it pops and bangs when ever you let off the throttle. Annoying!

The real one will do that if we are talking about the SVR.

A lot of race exhausts are smaller than the fake tail pipes you see on a lot of new cars, its only the tuner/drift cars that have power losing big exhausts.

Shame…Dont get me wrong, cant beat a stunning looking game, but you need that gameplay too!

Yeah I get that, just wish if you changed the exhaust on an old civic, for example then the tail pipe appearance would change too. It’s only a small thing anyways, I can live with that. I think the original features I mentioned would add so much more.

Just noticed a couple other things about FH3, not sure when this changed, I’m pretty sure in the previous games when you put in a roll cage or the last weight reduction mod it actually, physically stripped the car out and replaced the drivers seat with a racing one…or was that another game? Either way just noticed this last night when making a drift car, thought that was a little daft. Wish the mods had more of an effect on appearance. Being able to mod interiors would be cool, add bucket seats, racing wheels, flocked dashboard or whatever. Never understood why they removed painting brake calipers either, wasn’t this in Forza Motorsport 2?

It’s the little things that make the difference I think…

I seem to be ranting to myself here, but it’s fine, got to rant somewhere…

Has anyone else notice any issues with the audio where upgrades are involved? I bought an Integra Type R last night, give it a racing exhaust and air filter, no change in the sound of the car, then supercharged it, no supercharger whine. Is this just a bug with certain cars or is this game wide, anyone else experienced this?

They missed the opportunity to add some club functionality. A room at the festival for clubs to showcase their cars, like the old loan to club function, but now they are all lined up and you can walk in and around them, plus hop in and take it for a spin.

Yeah that kind of thing would be ideal using the forzavista system

Between the Car Meet and Auction House a fair few of your requests are there tbh. Spreading car dealers across the map is unnecessary though, and would only give /less/ reasons to visit the Festivals.

That being the problem there’s nothing at the festival, there’s some barriers and some people standing around, that’s it