Midnights At Horizon (Series 19) info

A screenshot would be irrelevant as its not what is actually there,but what is being perceived by each player.It’s well known that night vision gets seriously impaired as we age (rods or cones,can never remember which) so what might be the same to you,might not be for someone else

Still, posting a screenshot won’t hurt, would it?

It’s a game, not real life.

What he could try is adjusting the brightness setting

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So, had my first run in RA Horizon Tour - Can’t stand them usually because of the constant bragging rights by most “Team-mates”.

Nothing’s changed - only 3 of us in a “Team”. The other two continuously tried to knock me and each other off at every turn. Won the 1st & 3rd easily. Would have probably won the 2nd as well if I hadn’t got stuck on a rock in a river for an eternity. Can’t use the LSB to reset car on the wheel and took ages to fire up a controller just to get back on the road.

Looks like that’ll be the last one I do until forced into it in the borefest in a couple of weeks time.
Yet another thing to look forward to.

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The neon lights were by far my most favorite part of this series. (Then again, I absolutely love neon lights.) For me the neon really gave most of the tracks/routes a completely different and exciting look and feel.

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Horizon neon lights was the worst. There was no neon lights; only helium, argon, and xenon.

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no krypton or radon?

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Didnt see any

just in case, I didn’t mean anything off, rather I’m a physical scientist so had to complete the noble gas group - scientist version of silliness


A proton, a neutron and an electron walk into a bar. “I’ll get them!” says the neutron, goes to the bar, gets three pints, walks away without handing over money. “Hey, how come you didn’t have to pay?!” exclaimed his pals. “Neutrons aren’t charged.”

I’ll get my coat on the way out . . .


I actually found some that may be neon; the flags in dirt races are trimmed with actual neon lighting

I only saw an lcd, and grateful that the exhaust flashes aren’t as bright as fh4, which I can’t play for more than a minute or two when it’s night in game.

I love it midnight very good update