Microsoft, stop making impossible jumps!

Will you please start testing the stupid jumps before you release the game (whichever game) to the players? That jump in the castle is impossible! I tried all kinds of cars, all kinds of settings, even waited for the season to change to spring and it can’t be beaten! The best I could do was 209.63 m with CLK-GTR with the softest tires and no downforce.
I’m getting sick of the impossible stunts in this game! That jump above the highway was the other hardest but at least I had enough distance to gain speed. In the stupid castle there’s a small unavoidable bump and destructibles which slow you down, so as I said - f#$%&^(g test the stupid jumps! I suspect whoever made them, simply typed in some random numbers and didn’t even bother to try them!

It’s a tricky one but perfectly do-able. 599XX Evolution, upgrade to X class, also Mosler is fine for this, Jesko . . . you can use rewind as much as you like to tweak the angle. The Mudkickers one is also tricky. I think the one with the most complaints and difficulty is the motorway jump for a seasonal stunt in winter.


I did the highway jump from the first time after the season changed. In the winter it was impossible bc there was something slowing the car down right before the ramp.

As for the castle jump, I tried Mosler, 2 Koenigseggs (I couldn’t find a Jesko in Autoshow), McLaren Senna and a few other supercars. The only car that got the closest to the required distance was Mercedes AMG CLK-GTR which someone gifted to me on the very next day after I purchased the game. I spent 3 hours today trying to 3-star this jump and still failed.

not sure what to say, just keep at it, watch videos of people doing it

the winter motorway jump is most easily achieved by coming from the east a bit, not straight on; there’s more of a flat (or less of a sudden slope down depending on viewpoint) and also it’s worth not going flat out, rather you need to maximise time in contact with the ground - try it with a fully upgraded Hoonigan RS200 (hard to find but it showed up in the Backstage and there’s the auction house)

the castle was for me a question of steering just enough and I always need a few rewinds to nail it, same with the mudkickers

I feel your pain. Go to gifts, redeem the Mosler MT900S, and put a tune on it. That should get three stars

The Hoonigan RS200 is a hard to find car. There are none on the auction house and backstage passes have been discontinued

Hoonigan RS200 can be obtained during the next week by reaching League 5 online. It is possible that backstage passes might reappear, read a comment somewhere (Reddit probably) that it’s simply playlist 21 where there was no backstae. I don’t know myself.

also the Hoonigan RS200 is in the Forzathon Shop for 999 points

and the 599XX Evolution is 80% completion for this season

Can’t do anything about the bump but clear the area of destructibles before you start your run and as others have suggested, look for videos.

I already have this car, fully swapped and tuned. But for unknown reasons it’s too unstable when accelerating and it won’t go in a straight line. Which is weird because the CLK-GTR with the same settings is the best supercar I have.

I received that car from the wheelsping but never even considered it for the jumps. To me the majority of the European cars are vacuum cleaners, so I don’t drive them, let alone tune and use them.
I’ll try with this Ferrari, ofc, I was just saying why I never tried it. :wink:

Finally did it! Ferrari 590XX, as someone suggested. Only with these settings: (image is too big for the img tag). Manual shifting is mandatory, otherwise the autoshifter spins wheels too much and you won’t gain the necessary speed of at least 215 km/h.

But the fact that I managed to complete this jump doesn’t change the fact that Microsoft needs to stop making such impossible jumps!

well done

go-to cars in general for stunts are the 599XX Evolution, the Mosler and the Hoonigan RS200

Actually, almost all of the jumps, including the one above the highway, I completed them with Mercedes CLK-GTR AMG. One or two jumps I did with DODGE RAM 2500 TRX.

Prep the run before attempting it - smash all the obstacles to the right of the road that slow you when you straight-line the approach. Short shift to avoid wheel spin and don’t mash the throttle like most Forza drivers do.

The softest tyres don’t offer best traction or grip. That’s a Forza myth.

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How can it be impossible if you achieved it? Why do you want things to be easy rather than a challenge? Weird.


Yep used the RS200 on that one in winter.

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It is impossible. 2 weeks of trying to complete it - that’s not something I’d classify as “easy” or “possible”.