Mechberg's Show & Tell

Well, here’s my attempt at creating a Show & Tell thread. A few of my best shots from FM5:

My S2000 on Spa, featuring an original paint that I quite like:
S2000 @ Spa

My other favorite car in FM5, the RS200 Evolution, jumping off to a sunny start on Prague:
Sunny Start


I’ll talk about this more in the WIR tomorrow, but here’s my thoughts on Show & Tell. I look at this section as a place to be creative with the Forza stuff you’ve created. That’s pretty much it. However you define that is up to you (within the rules of the TOS and basic human civility, that is!)

Me? I’m thinking of running this here S&T thread as a personal Forza 5 blog of sorts. For example, after maxxing my affinity levels for Honda and Ford, I’m in the hunt for a new “primary” car in Forza 5. Once I’ve got my new ride (which I’m asking you guys to help choose for me; details tomorrow) I hope to spend a little time each week updating this thread with whatever comes to mind about this car – some cool photos, my latest paint job, or a story from a cool MP race I ran the night before. Whatever I can fit in my schedule, really.

I encourage you all to experiment here; S&T is new and unproven but I think it could turn out to be a fun place to hang out.


Is it just FM5 stuff though ? I get the feeling its FM5 being in the FM5 section but also feel it would be better served as a whole community thing.

It’s FM5 for now. If we see it really take off in popularity, maybe we’ll move it to its own section.

Ok, Thanks for the reply. Have fun.

Those shots look nice mate. Good job!

As I recount in today’s Week in Review, I’ve got a new car in my (Forza 5) life: the 1994 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta.

It wasn’t an easy choice but, in the end, it came down to the F355 and the Lamborghini Countach which, for guys my age, has been a dream car since we were kids. I vividly remember the Countach that appeared in the seminal 80s road comedy The Cannonball Run (or, rather, I vividly remember the ladies who drove it) and the 1988 5000QV that’s in Forza 5 is arguably the finest version of the car. Those vertical doors, that distinctive wedge shape, that powerful performance; all of it screams 80s excess in the best possible ways.

So why the F355? For me, it came down to drivability. For whatever reason, the Ferrari (which is only about 100 pounds lighter than the Lambo) feels much more nimble to me. That purring Ferrari engine helps too, as does the fact that driving the F355 will get me one step closer to earning the “Not Just For Show” achievement in the game.

I’m happy with my choice so far. Here’s a picture of her hanging around in Prague:

F355 on Prague

Nice choice Brian! The ISF and Countach are 2 very different, but equally extraordinary cars. They’re excellent at doing one thing extremely well, and that’s where the F355 differs. Like you said Brian, it’s a very nimble car and feels at home on most tracks, unlike your dentists’ ISF and Leonardo DiCaprios Countach. While “underdog” may or may not have been the best choice of vocabulary, its’ versatility makes it a competitive choice.

I’m glad you’re liking it! Awesome picture as well, Prague has a lot of quite visually appealing areas and you definitely capitalized on one very well.

Fantastic job really enjoy seeing what you got going on!

Cant for the life of me remember what colour the car was in Cannonball run but have vivid memories of the jumps suits being red and purple for some reason.

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And unZipped just down to…only to have the cop be an equally attractive and endowed woman. Great movie, especially the out takes at the end.

I like the idea of this show and tell personal blog thingy + 1 if am daring enough lol,i may put together a blog type show and tell of my forza adventures :slight_smile:

The Lamborghini in Cannonball Run (1981) was black. With a unique front wing of sorts.

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As a kid I loved the cannonball movies ,now am showing my age lol…

You don’t have to be older to have grown up on older movies. While yes, it makes sense. It’s also dependent on the family environment of which relatives, friends, and/or parents raised you into. I grew up on movies like the Cannonball Run, and Smokey and the Bandit despite me being “young”.

Your parents raised you well :slight_smile:

Glad to see more old school car film fans. The gumball is another good one as is Bullit, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, the original Gone in 60 Seconds, American Graffiti, LeMans etc. Anyhow nice shot of the Ferrari!

Another week spent with the 355 Berlinetta and I’m wondering if the honeymoon is over. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot to love about this car. That gorgeous engine note, those beautiful lines that still look modern to me, despite being on a 20-year-old car.

But I can’t help but wonder if the honeymoon is over the Berlinetta and me. Honestly, I’ve driven more frustrating races in this car than satisfying ones; more unfortunate silver medals than world-beating golds. Part of it is the tuning, no doubt. I haven’t found a tune I love yet for this car – one that successfully fixes the car’s propensity for understeer or that can deal with its sometimes surprising lack of straight-line speed. So I’m left to watch, helpless, as RUFs and Ferraris and Corvettes pull away from me up the Mountain Straight at Bathurst (and indeed, coming down on the other side of the hill).

I’ve still got a ways to go in my 355 before I reach Affinity Level 25 in Ferrari so, for better or worse, we’re stuck with one another for a while. On the bright side, at least she looks good dolled up for photos:

F355 at LeMans


Sure I complain about the old F355 from time to time, like I did in my previous post, but we’re still together. I’m nothing if not loyal. Here’s a moody shot I took of her earlier today: