Mechberg's Show & Tell

Over the weekend I max’d out my Ferrari affinity, so it’s time to move on to a new car. The F355 was a fun companion for a few weeks but I’m eager to try something new. Here’s what I’m looking for:

Class: Stock A
Manufacturer: No Honda, No Ferrari, No Ford
Drive: Any

Give me something that’s easy to drive and great to photograph and I’ll be eternally grateful. If you can suggest a paint (by Gamertag) and tune (also by Gamertag) to go along with your car of choice, even better.

Tell me what you think I should drive and I’ll award my favorite responses with something cool in Forza 5.


Here are couple of mine that you may like:

Car - 2012 BMW M5 - Tuned to A700

Filename - ADVAN BMW M5

Car - MB SLK 55 AMG - Tuned to B600 & A700

File name: TITANFALL SLK55

'69 charger. find a General Lee paint, my A class tune, you will have a blast.

Sad that I can’t get the benefits that you will give to people even though I consider something you like…

I can send you something in Forza 4 if you like! :slight_smile:

I’d recommend the Caterham R500, in the game and as a replacement for that old beatle if you ever get bored with it. The most fun you’ll ever have if you don’t want to go in a straight line.

Ps. You could always try my ‘A’ class tune

you can always try the Dodge Viper ACR GTS its a great looking car and fun to drive. Its also a V10 what more do you need in life

i have topped myself out with VW, Ford and Ferrari so i think i will go with Nissan or Audi next

In A class nothing beats the feeling of driving the LFA. At high speeds you get active aero working to plant the tires to the ground and at low speeds car maneuvers sharply with its hidden wing. Try it out and feel the changes in aero.

I agree with you there. At the moment I like driving the LFA, I think it’s a beast of a car.

The 2012 Aston Martin Vanquish is definitely one of the most beautiful cars I have ever driven on Forza 5. I’m sure you’ll be familiar as the one car James May drove in one episode of Top Gear! I love this car so much, I think this can be your sure-to-be-favorite, Mechberg! Try it!

I’d recommend the TVR Sagaris. Sure it’s an absolute beast, but that’s what makes it fun. It’s an exercise in translating raw power to tarmac via a thin strip of rubber, and the results are somewhat epic, if a little hard to contain. You’ll never celebrate so hard for sheerly making it out of a corner in one piece! Oh, and it’s pretty too, for all those photos you might want to take.

Of course, if you want one that’s already been trained to keep its nose pointing forward (most of the time) I have a tune shared for it.

I’m going to have to nominate the Merc SL 65 AMG Black again. I just think it’s truly a great car. It’s one helluva beast to handle, but it’s such a joy when you get a hold of it. Plus, there’s not a lot of others out there that can match the torque of it.

My vote definitely goes to the McLaren MP4-12C. She grips the track like shes on rails plus like any pretty girl, shes photogenic from every angle. Highly recommended

I think you should try out the McLaren mp4-12c I find it very simple to drive and it’s bloody fast.

The Lexus LFA.

Everything about it is great. It sounds insane - as if it is trying to hurt you. Despite this, it’s easy to control and get the hang of. High power, lower torque, active aero - and so it handles great.
Give it an exotic colour (like green, or something bright) or just turn up the contrast in photo mode and it fits in really well into any picture. Maybe black rims too, for the added bit of intimidation for your opponents.
And trust me - you won’t get bored driving this. It’s an extremely fun car :slight_smile:

Maserati MC12–one of the best handling A-class cars you’ll ever drive, and it’s a beast off the line. And I think it’s one of the most beautiful cars out there. I’m just an average tuner, but I like to tune all my own cars. You’re welcome to mine, but it’s likely you can find a better one. I’m not a very good painter, so you’re on your own there.

Maserati mc 12 I have a indy tune for s class very good car to drive but that tune kinda sucks on other tracks.

Tvr sgaris. Its hard to tune but when you do its unstopablr

Mech, I recommend the Forza Motorsport Limited Edition Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro for the following reasons:

  1. It’s tuned up to A700
  2. The Quattro handling is amazing
  3. It’s tough to beat German Engineering in automobiles
  4. I’m an Audi fan

I hope you enjoy it!

I would recommend the Dodge Viper ACR in your next run to maximum affinity. Considering it has already got adjustable aerodynamics, large front and rear tyres and an 8.4L V10 pushing 600hp, keeping this thing on the track with pace couldn’t be more fun. As it is a brilliant car to keep in A-class myself, this car has heaps of potential in higher car classes where the competition becomes more fierce. The viper is a true American track car with more than enough potential to obliterate leaderboard times, especially on Prague as it both carries the trait of high speed and cornering capabilities and mashes them into one, affordable package.